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Potato chips and peanuts: what to replace them with for an aperitif for slimming?

 Potato chips and peanuts: what to replace them with for an aperitif for slimming?

To limit your pre-meal fat and salt intake, dietitian Maïa Baudelaire offers you healthier but tempting alternatives.

What would an appetizer be without the snack that accompanies it? Sad... no doubt! If the two go well together on the side of coexistence and gluttony, things on the side of the line go wrong. The solution ? Look for alternatives that are salty and crunchy, too (but not too salty). So feel free to test the good suggestions of Maïa Baudelaire Public Health Nutritionist

Chips: a good alternative for slimming

1 handful of potato chips (30 g) = 150 calories. In addition to fat (35 grams of fat per 100 grams), salt intake is also increasing. From 1.8 grams on average for 100 grams and up to 3 grams, which is half the maximum recommended daily!

Healthy option: Potato chips (30 g) = 30 calories. But be careful, not the ones you buy commercially because they are often just as greasy! Making it "homemade" allows you to divide the number of calories by five, eliminate (but there, you'll lose all the crunch) or simply reduce the amount of oil. The trick: finely chop the vegetables with a mandolin (beets, carrots, zucchini, etc.). Quickly brush each crunchy with a lick of oil, to be brushed with a brush, so that they remain very brown and brittle. Sprinkle them with spices (paprika ...) and bake on a baking sheet for 15 minutes at 150 ° C.

Peanuts: a good surprise to replace it

1 handful (15 grams) of peanuts = 70 calories. Like all oilseeds, they contain unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial for cardiovascular health. But excess salt, a risk factor for high blood pressure, ruins everything!

Healthy option: Popcorn (15 grams) = 10 kcal. Of course, provided you choose plain popcorn, which is likely to be spicy, but free of sugar and salt! Its advantage: We find the crunchy side of peanuts that we love so much, but without its drawbacks. And don't be discouraged because popcorn is an illusion: 100 grams fills a huge salad bowl.

Sausage: an easy and lighter trick

3 sausage slices = 300 calories. That's more than 30% fat! In addition to dyes found in some non-craft products. However, there is a good iron content ... But this should not be an excuse to give it up.

Healthy option: chicken breast or turkey = 40 calories. slide. Roll each slice and then cut it into small sections. Hold them with a toothpick. You can also garnish it with a little more cream cheese and herbs... Another good option: meat grissons. In fact, it is the deli meats that contain the least amount of fat that damages the arteries.

Savory biscuits: a very tasty alternative

116 calories in 2 cookies (15 grams). Mini Pizza or Emmental Triangle: Too bad but no item has less calories than others. And the fat/salt they make up is addictive, thirsty, and makes you want to refill a glass of sugar alcohol.

Healthy option: Whole wheat tortilla = 28 calories. 2 units. Rub them with garlic and sprinkle with spices before roasting them in the pan or in the oven. Serve hot, cut into a triangle, and you can dip it in yogurt flavored with cucumber or spices. A large tortilla makes about eight triangles with only 133 calories. And it contains, as a bonus, satiating fiber.

A mixture of dried fruits and candied: the other mixture that can replace it

1 handful (30 g) of dried and salted fruits = 130 calories. This snack is often considered the healthiest, but it's a fake friend! Because this type of mixture contains the hellish trio of "fat, sugar and salt" that adipocytes (fat cells) love.

Healthy option: Mixture of roasted unsalted pumpkin, sunflower seeds, etc. (30g) = 196 calories. Advantage: We don't cut calories but get quality (good fats) and satiety. This sugar-free option is also easy to digest. To keep the color palette, flavors and fun going, you can accompany it with gazpacho vines, ground nuts (pistachios, hazelnuts), and skewers of fresh vegetables and fruits (watermelon/cherry tomatoes, cucumbers/grape beans).

Green olives: the good trade-off for slimming

10 green olives = 150 calories. They are rich in water and therefore have fewer calories than black ones. If we pick them fresh, without bathing in oil, we cut calories by more than half.

The healthy option: Pickles = 50 calories for 10. But we run them under water to remove the extra salt! Prefer an artisanal brand or opt for "homemade" pickles. For Two: Boil 2 cups of water, add 1 cup sugar, 1 cup vinegar, a pinch of salt, then 150g sliced ​​organic veggies. Immerse everything in a bowl, cover with cooking liquid, close and leave to soak for 2 days in a cool place away from light.


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