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Pizza or Quiche: Which of these dishes has the most calories?

 Pizza or Quiche: Which of these dishes has the most calories?

Pizza lovers or quiche lovers? These two common dishes do not have the same effect on the line. Dough, filling, accompaniment... Florence Waxin, a registered dietitian, evaluates the calorie aspect of these two essentials.

For a meal on the go, a festive evening with friends or just a fun meal, what could be better than a pizza or a quiche? If these dishes are made with dough, they are nonetheless different, particularly in terms of their calorie intake.

A classic quiche has more calories than a classic pizza

To find out which of these two dishes is the best ally of our line, it is necessary to evaluate the ingredients they contain. Their first difference is in the dough. Pizza is made with olive oil and flour, while pizza is made with flour and butter. However, we know that vegetable fats are better for the body - and for the line! From animal fats.

Decorating these dishes is also a key element in assessing their calorie intake. A classic quiche, like Quiche Lauren for example, contains eggs, fresh cream, and chunks of bacon. These three components are fat-containing proteins of animal origin: their nutritional quality is therefore limited. Egg yolks also contain a very high level of cholesterol. How about pizza? A classic margherita pizza contains mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, that is, fats of animal origin, as well as vegetables rich in water and fiber, which limits calorie intake.

So a classic quiche is richer in fat and saturated fatty acids (bacon, fresh cream, butter, and eggs) than a classic pizza that contains only cheese.

Pizza or Quiche: Choosing the toppings makes the difference

The consumption of calories in these two dishes develops according to the garnish chosen. The spinach and salmon quiche has the same effect on the classic pizza line. However, the four-cheese pizza is richer than the Lorraine pie. And for good reason: Cheese is moderately fat because cheese contains a lot of saturated fatty acids.

The thickness of the dough also plays a role: the thinner dough represents the amount of starches to eat during the meal. On the other hand, a thick paste exceeds the recommended amount of starches and thus can have an effect on weight gain.

Pizza and Quiche: Tips to Reduce Calorie Intake

The secret to not gaining weight by eating pizza or quiche? Choose the dough and filling carefully, but also control the amounts eaten as well as how often. Ideal: Half a pizza or a quarter of a quiche from time to time and change the toppings. There are also other tips for curbing weight gain:

As often as possible, make your own pizza or quiche, in order to control the quality of the dough and ingredients;

choose a thin dough to limit the amount of starchy foods;

Always have pizza or quiches with a salad or raw vegetables. Target? that these rich foods are not the only dish and that the stomach is saturated thanks to vegetables;

If adding shredded cheese to a quiche or pizza, choose a reasonable topping;

In a classic quiche, replace cream with milk or cottage cheese and bacon bits with slices of bacon or opt for other recipes, like spinach and salmon quiche for example;

Avoid the four-cheese pizza and opt for recipes that contain fewer calories, contain vegetables and possibly protein.


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