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Phyto Detox "1 in 7": What is this simple way to lose weight permanently?

 Phyto Detox "1 in 7": What is this simple way to lose weight permanently?

Easy to implement in our daily lives, this "1 in 7" plant-based detox method allows you to sustainably lose a few pounds and dramatically improve your health. Focus on this way to boost your metabolism every week, with Maxime Mességué, nutritionist and nutritionist.

The "1 in 7" or vegetable detox method: what is it?

This method, called "1 in 7" or "phyto detox" was conceived on the basis of the long-expressed observation that in order to lose weight you must limit yourself, and that the only way to lose weight is to choose diets that are in harmony with restrictions, deprivations, etc. till then. However, as Maxime Mességué, dietitian and nutritionist reminds us, "Overweight and obesity are still on the rise today!"

So the idea of ​​this method is to stop the daily restrictions that lead to frustration and therefore long-term weight recovery, and choose one day a week of detoxing, while linking the rest of the time with a balanced rest. , but an unrestricted diet.

As the specialist reminds us, the “1 in 7” method is not a diet for slimming, and is not aimed at rapid weight loss, but rather is aimed at slimming a permanent and healthy figure.

By being careful just one day a week, we can expect slow and gradual weight loss, but this works in the long run.

The advantage of the “1 in 7” method is that it can be used by everyone, as it is aimed at taking care of your metabolism, health, and image, and allows you to restore balance, without risking the yoyo effect.

The only contraindications you should be aware of are:

Diabetics who depend on insulin

People with eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.)

Basic principles of weight loss method

Try to eat as simple a diet as possible every day of the week. that day :

Consume raw and unprocessed products

Avoid carbohydrates

Exclusion of sugar (except for fresh fruit)

remove the salt

Avoid carbohydrates

Consume lean meat, fresh fish or seafood (but not salted and of good quality)

Choose legumes when you're vegetarian or vegan

Reduce the fat to 2 teaspoons (choose an oil rich in omega-3s such as high-quality olive oil, nut oil, or camelina oil, to add for seasoning, but not for cooking)

Eat some oil seeds for breakfast

Stop eating dairy products (or choose soy products)

Ban sparkling salt water

ban alcohol

Stay hydrated with plain water

Note that a one-day detox should only be done once a week, and that on the other days of the week you should have a balanced and varied diet, without any particular restrictions.

My Regular Detox Day: List Ideas to Get You Started

When waking up:

Half a lemon is squeezed into a little warm water, to be drunk on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast

at breakfast:

Organic green tea or light coffee

30 to 40 grams of organic whole wheat bread or 30 grams of oilseeds or 20 grams of chia seeds, soaked in a little plant-based milk

fresh seasonal fruit

For a late-morning snack:

If you're used to having a snack around 11am, don't eat the fruit at the end of breakfast and keep it to enjoy at that time.

at lunch :

100 to 150 grams of meat or 200 to 250 grams of fish or two eggs (cooked without fat). If you don't eat meat or eggs, replace them with 50 grams of legumes (dry weight before cooking) for plant-based protein.

300 grams of raw or cooked vegetables (marinated in lemon juice, herbs, spices, etc.)

seasonal fruit

In a snack:

If you're used to snacking, take your late morning break.

at dinner :

100 to 150 grams of meat or 200 to 250 grams of fish or two eggs (cooked without fat). If you don't eat meat, fish or eggs, replace them with 50g of legumes (dry weight before cooking) to ensure you are getting the essential amino acids.

300g of raw or cooked vegetables (seasoned with lemon juice, herbs, spices, etc.)

seasonal fruit

Good advice from a nutritionist: Remember to hydrate yourself well throughout the day, with plain water, and herbal tea if you wish.

Lose weight, keep the streak, gain energy: the benefits of a once-a-week detox

We enter a virtuous circle

We dedicate one day a week to a light, unprocessed diet that allows the body to rest, without discouragement. Adopting this habit will have a positive effect on the way you eat and take care of your health.

We lose pounds and keep the streak

. The simple fact of linking a balanced and varied diet with a daily detox of the week will allow you to lose weight permanently. You won't lose 5 pants sizes, but you'll improve your figure while boosting your metabolism and health. So you can lose a few pounds thanks to this method, find your ideal weight, keep it stable and keep the streak without much effort.

We restart our metabolism

. This relaxation of the body once a week will re-launch the metabolism, avoid stressing it and achieve some long-term well-being. You feel lighter, even the rest of the week!

Take time for yourself

A detox day is also an opportunity to get into the habit of taking care of yourself, your body and your mind. On that day, we are happy to cook good food and take the opportunity to turn to gentle solutions that work (herbal medicine, meditation, etc.).

We sleep better and gain vitality inevitably

This detox day will have a positive effect on our sleep and energy: the body is detoxified, we are lighter, we feel better in physical and mental form and that we feel every day.

6 tips to adopt this method is beneficial for the line and health

Pick a day of the week or weekend that works for you, and stick with it (a day when you're not too busy, a day when you feel like you have fewer invitations and therefore temptations and a day when you don't have an intense workout planned)

Make your lists in advance for this detox day, and shop before D-Day

Diversity and Dare: Feel free to choose foods or recipes that you are not accustomed to eating to diversify the pleasures of that day

Don't stress yourself out: If you have to put off your detox day, don't worry, and if you miss a week of "1 of 7," nothing serious either, you'll start again the following week!

Practice mindfulness: during meals, stay away from screens, eat while enjoying what you're chewing on, take time to smell the food, awaken your senses...

Supplement this method with yoga and meditation exercises that allow you to take a day to yourself, significantly reduce stress, and improve metabolism.

Detox: Drinks for consumption

Maxime Mességué offers to complement the detox meals of the day, by preparing useful drinks, to be selected according to your desires and needs:

Birch sap: dilute with water and drink throughout the day.

To relieve stress: prepare herbal tea based on lemon balm and lemongrass, and drink it at the end of meals.

To relieve digestive disorders: choose herbal teas made from anise, fennel or lemon balm

To sleep well: Drink an herbal tea of ​​passionflower, valerian, or lemon balm after dinner.


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