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Nutrition, Sports and Motivation: 8 Tips from Thibault Geoffray to Lose Weight

 Nutrition, Sports and Motivation: 8 Tips from Thibault Geoffray to Lose Weight

Drink more throughout the day, put yourself in good conditions, don't deprive yourself, don't miss breakfast or dinner: discover the advice of Thibault Geoffray, online coach and creator of the 90-Day Life Challenge, so you can (finally) do it Beautiful silhouette.

Tip #1: Take responsibility for a good cause

Before you start doing anything to downsize and shape your personality, think about what drives you to take charge of yourself. Do I do this to anyone in particular? Am I doing that for me? Or does it look like the pictures I see on social media?

In order to truly succeed in taking charge, you must not do it to anyone other than yourself. Is this a click, that impulse comes from me? Think about yourself and your well-being before you begin, otherwise you risk not being able to hold out in the long run.

Tip #2: Don't give up

To put the odds on your side and get the results, you have to get out of your head that it won't be possible, that "it's going to be hard". We often think that it is for others, that you do not have enough time and motivation ... But all you have to do is adapt the way you approach your daily life, according to your schedule: we choose to train regularly but fast and evenly. Quick recipes. The idea is to set achievable goals, defend over time and, above all, believe in them, not leave defeatism!

Tip #3: Do not deprive yourself.. the opposite!

We often think that in order to lose weight, we must stop eating, or cut the portions in half: this is a mistake. Like Thibault Geoffray's motto, the online coach reminds us: "Eat more, all the better, train for less." Contrary to what we think. We don't force a restrictive diet on ourselves, which doesn't work in the long run, but we do balance and vary our diets. What is important is making the right choices of ingredients, enjoying the right foods, and not eating the same thing all the time. We prefer short circuits, organic ingredients, and seasonal products.

Also, don't skip dinner: We sometimes think we should cut out carbs after 6pm, but it's important to have a good dinner, especially when you have a big energy expenditure, after an end-of-day gym session, for example.

Tip #4: Always associate food with exercise

Recovery through diet is inseparable from regular physical activity. Even non-athletes can get started: a little is enough regularly to get results. Schedule a short but intense 20-minute session each day that mixes cardio and strength training.

For example, you can plan a small circuit with fitness movements (squats, abs, lunges, lunges, knee raises, etc.) alternating between effort time and recovery time: 30 seconds intense, then 30 seconds to recover, for 20 minutes.

Tip #5: Don't weigh yourself

People who decide to restore their health, have food at hand, to get a harmonious silhouette often make the mistake of weighing themselves. However, you should, from now on, put aside your balance which is not a good indicator at all. In fact, what reveals your efforts are your reflection in the mirror, your measurements, and your vitality.

Tip #6: Don't drink breakfast

It is necessary to take the time for breakfast: this meal not only prevents cravings for food in the morning, but also a moment for yourself before the start of the day.

We choose a balanced and rich dish (eggs and smoked salmon for example). We prefer salty, and put aside sweetness (which we keep for the weekend, occasionally, to enjoy) in order to avoid storing up fat in the morning. Thus, with a full breakfast being more efficient during the day, you feel better and avoid snacking.

Tip #7: Expect Cravings

The secret to avoiding throwing yourself at everything and anything in case of cravings? Anticipate your snacks, and choose good foods for healthy snacks.

We ban extremely sweet foods or industrial and processed products, which will not bring us anything good.

But you can still treat yourself by making vanilla banana muffins, for example, or by making homemade energy bars to put in your bag.

You can also eat fresh fruit or nuts such as a handful of almonds. Be careful, however, not to overuse dried fruits, which often have a very high glycemic index.

Tips #8: Increase your hydration

We may talk about it a lot, but we don't tend to hydrate ourselves enough. But a glass of water as soon as you wake up can refresh the body and wake it up. Drinking water throughout the day increases the feeling of fullness.

To drink more, feel free to put a water bottle or water bottle in your bag, to always have it on hand in the office, on the move, etc.

At the table, too, we replace a glass of wine or soda with sparkling water as quickly as possible during dinner with friends.


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