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Menopause: Winning Strategies Against Water Retention

 Menopause: Winning Strategies Against Water Retention

With hormonal changes, the body retains more water and toxins in its tissues, especially in cases of venous insufficiency. The best solution is to get rid of this excess fluid.

at home

self-control. It is recognized that compression stockings, tights and tights effectively fight edema and swollen legs and can help with water retention. It compresses the tissues to expel stagnant water towards the veins and stimulate its removal by increasing the speed of blood circulation. Your choice is made with your pharmacist.

Anti-stagnation gym. To resume venous return. On the back, bend one leg, bring the knee toward the chin, extend the leg toward the ceiling, then slowly lower it to the floor. We start over 20 times by changing the tempo. We bend and extend the toes 15-20 times, draw circles with the toes in one direction and then in the other for 30 seconds, extend and bend the feet for 30 seconds.

Scottish bathing. We alternate a jet of lukewarm water, then a jet of cold water, rising from the soles of the feet to the waist. A classic but effective method of stimulating venous return and tissue consolidation.

Getting rid of water retention is not that complicated! Discover 5 Reactions to Make This (Finally)...

At the Institute

Jet shower and underwater shower. They practice standing against a wall or in a bathtub filled with water, following the direction of blood circulation. They improve venous return while promoting tissue decongestion and elimination of toxins.

Manual lymphatic drainage. It consists of imprinted supportive motions (with rapid release) and gliding motions on the skin. Thus the lymphatic fluid is drained towards the lymph nodes and from there towards the heart, to drain part of the body waste. Effective and painless.

pressure therapy. This technique consists of wearing a shoe that reaches the top of the thighs with cells that swell and deflate from bottom to top alternately and slowly area by area. Objective: To stimulate blood and lymph circulation to expel excess water.

in treatment

In thalassotherapy, in dinars. In addition to daily treatments aimed at slimming, unifying and reshaping the silhouette, the treatment offers a comprehensive examination with a dietician, two sessions of cryotherapy and abdominal re-education according to the Gasquet method. “Cap menopause”, from € 1,242 per person in a double room and half board, 6 days / 6 nights, Novotel Dinard Thalassa Sea & Spa 4 *.

Thermal version in Vichy. Through aesthetic treatments, nutritional support, athletic and psycho-behavioral training, and even scheduling a gynecological appointment, the center explores all dimensions of change. "Menopause treatment" from 1484 EUR / per person. In a double room with breakfast, 4 days / 4 nights, Vichy Célestins Spa Hotel 5 *.


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