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Menopause: Help, I'm Gaining Belly!

 Menopause: Help, I'm Gaining Belly!

Gaining pounds, before or after menopause, is physiological: the body goes into an "energy saving" mode.

In menopause, most women are affected by this change in shape: the abdominal area thickens, under the influence of hormonal deterioration, muscle loss and weight gain. To avoid this ugly "bottle", there is no need to embark on a strict diet. In addition to being ineffective, "yo-yo" diets (low in calories, high in protein, etc.), which cause weight fluctuation, affect cardiovascular health in women. Bad choice then. The solution ? Change (without delay) your eating habits.

5 tracks to follow

Adjusting meal times to respect the 12-hour fast between dinner and breakfast.

Focus on the fiber! Both lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Not to mention its advantages on the stomach (constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ...). On top of fiber-rich foods are wholemeal bread, cereals, fruits (quince, dried apricots, prunes, etc.), oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, etc.) and legumes. Each serving should provide a portion to be able to reach the recommended daily intake for seniors: 25 grams per day.

Take probiotics with fermented foods (which are also excellent sources of protein): yogurt, miso, fermented drinks (kefir, kombucha), kimchi, or even with supplements. Say goodbye to bloating and feeling a bloated belly!

- Reducing sugars. It's always good to remember! We release fast sugars and foods with high glycemic indexes, especially after 4 p.m., as energy expenditures are reduced at the end of the day.

Flat stomach routine. All this work on the board will be enhanced if combined with muscle strengthening to combat tissue relaxation. The abdominal muscles are located in the front line, so it is preferable to use sheathing exercises, especially the plank exercise.

You can find all the coach's tips for losing weight during menopause in "Menopause Without the Kilos" by Raphael Grauman, published by Lidus S.


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