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MB: How do you calculate your basal metabolic rate?

 MB: How do you calculate your basal metabolic rate?

Basic metabolism allows you to know the calories needed for the proper functioning of the body when it is at rest. How do you calculate it and why does this indicator help to lose weight? the answers.

Basic metabolism is the energy expended by the body in a resting state that allows us to live and keep the heart active, digestion, breathing, maintaining body temperature ... In other words, when we spend the day in bed, we are still expending energy. ! Basic metabolism is expressed in calories per day, which is the food that allows us to meet our energy needs.

What does basal metabolism depend on?

Basal metabolism varies with gender, age, height, weight, thyroid activity, and even external temperature and climatic conditions. It is possible to calculate his basal metabolic rate by following the Harris and Benedict formula recomputed by Roza and Shizgal. Here are two calculation formulas, one for women and one for men. The letter "P" means "weight", "T", "height" and "A", age.

  • For women: MB = 9,740 x P + 172.9 x T - 4.737 x A + 667.051
  • Men: MB = 13.707 x P + 492.3 x T - 6.673 x A + 77.607

Note that men have a higher basal metabolic rate than women, and that the taller and heavier we are, the more calories we consume, and as we age, our basal metabolism decreases. In addition, regular physical activity increases the basal metabolic rate.

Why calculate your basal metabolic rate?

Knowing your basal metabolic rate helps you know how many calories you need to lose weight. This is called energy balance. Maintaining a stable weight requires a balance between energy consumption and expenditure. If we eat more than we normally expend, we gain weight: we store unused energy. On the contrary, if we consume fewer calories than the body expends, we lose weight. The body relies on energy reserves to function.

To lose weight, it is advisable to review your eating habits: prefer fruits, vegetables, whole starches, lean meat and fish, and avoid sugar, white starches and processed products. For best results, these new eating habits should be combined with regular physical activity. Cardio exercises help burn fat. The World Health Organization recommends walking at least half an hour a day to avoid inactivity.


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