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Love handles: 5 exos to effectively erase those little bulges

 Love handles: 5 exos to effectively erase those little bulges

To effectively get rid of the "love handles" that rest at waist level, it is no secret to anyone: follow a balanced diet and this fitness program every week, at home or in the garden!

EXO 1: Jumps... to activate the heart

Stand, straight, feet together and arms along the body, jump on the spot, open arms and legs to the sides at the same time. Start slowly, then gradually increase the pace to raise your heart rate. To be done for 1 minute.

EXO 2: The side make a tilt

Standing, arms and hands in a running position to the sides, raise your knees to hip height, and stay in place. Do this for a minute, at your own pace. Feel free to hurry up little by little.

EXO 3: Run right away... to burn calories

On the mat, resting on your forearms and toes on the floor. Respect your natural arch, but elongate your neck and keep your shoulders away from your ears. By pulling the navel toward the spine and contracting the gluteus maximus, rotate the chest by placing the weight of the body on the forearm on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

EXO 4: Climbing ... to strengthen the thigh muscles

Stand in front of a staircase, bench, low wall (up to the height of your cane), raise one foot on it, contract your abdominals and buttocks, lower down and change your leg. Alternate for 1 minute.

Exo 5: Plank... Abs accent

In the plank position: palms and toes on the floor. The shoulders are equal to the hands. Place the left leg under the bust without lifting the buttocks. Then switch legs. Do for 1 minute.

expert opinion

"To get results, you need a healthy lifestyle"

To lose those little bulges that complicate us, we work not just on the stomach, but on the entire lower body. This is a high-intensity circuit, which allows you to continue burning fat for several hours after a workout, and is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle to get results (sleep, diet, etc.). Finally, in addition to this, Pilates is ideal: it allows you to do deep work in the center of the body.


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