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Losing Weight When You Have Kids, An Impossible Mission? Expert's answer

 Losing Weight When You Have Kids, An Impossible Mission? Expert's answer

Between Choupinet (5 years old) and Choupinette (3 years old), dieting is an obstacle course. How do you lose weight when you are a mother? We put the question to Raphaël Gruman, a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

"Of course it is possible to lose weight when you are a mother, fortunately!" Immediately confirms Raphaël Gruman, dietitian and nutritionist. Some tips for getting there...

At mealtime, do not finish your children's dishes! Because this (bad) habit is quickly felt on the scale... To avoid waste, reduce your kids' portions and invest in plastic bins to easily store leftovers.

Do not doubt to cook several different menus: if your diet is balanced, then it should be suitable for all family members - ask a specialist for confirmation. At dinner, for example, prepare a plate of raw vegetables or soup + main course (meat or fish + vegetables) + dessert (dairy or fruit). For children, add part of the starch and a small piece of chocolate.

Snack with your kids: a complicit moment that allows you to hold out until dinner and avoid snacking. If they are entitled to their own chocolate bar, opt instead for a handful of almonds, fruit or a square of dark chocolate, with tea or coffee without sugar.

Losing weight with children is not that complicated!

Don't have time to cook? Do you always work for your children? Expect: On weekends, make homemade meals and freeze them for the week. Otherwise, prepare your food in advance to limit the time you spend in the kitchen: chop veggies and meats, peel shrimp, grate soup... and freeze it all to save time. One last tip: good quality ready-made and frozen meals (understand: no added sugar and no extra salt) that you only need to put in the microwave if you have a busy schedule.

Does the cupboard containing baby food catch your eye? To avoid cracks (they are disastrous for the look), first make sure that the children's sweets are hidden from your field of view - there are no cakes on the living room table! Then follow two common sense tips: eat enough at meals and don't miss meals. So, in theory, you wouldn't want to snack.

We know that children are tireless. Take the opportunity to do physical activity with your little ones: walk to school, ride a bike, go for a walk in the woods, play in the's good for them, it's good for your streak!


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