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Lose weight without exercising: 6 tips to lose weight easily

 Lose weight without exercising: 6 tips to lose weight easily

Jogging, yoga, swimming.. Want to lose weight, but the idea of ​​exercising is discouraging? Don't panic. There are solutions that help you lose weight without necessarily being physically active. Dietitian and nutritionist Florence Foucault gives us 6 tips for losing weight without exercise.

In order to be in good shape, it is necessary to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Doing physical activity is also essential to staying healthy and keeping streak in check. We can never say it enough: a healthy mind resides in a healthy body!

If exercise is highly recommended to lose weight, here are tips for the laziest among us that can help us lose fat without having to indulge in physical activity.

"Once we assess the factors that can lead to weight gain, we can rebalance our eating habits, such as limiting excessive snacking," explains Florence Foucault, MD, a registered dietitian.

Lose weight without exercise: Cut back on snacks

If you want to lose weight without exercising, say goodbye to snacking. No more too sweet or too salty snacks from the vending machine: Make better choices and bet on ingredients that are more filling. "Instead of regularly turning to your local distributor, prefer nuts, as they are very rich in fiber and protein," recommends Florence Foucault.

A dietician and nutritionist also advises including the right amount of starchy foods in your meals to avoid cravings. “We often have an unfortunate tendency to eliminate starchy foods thinking that it reduces calorie intake. However, starchy foods help avoid nibbling and cravings. It is recommended to stay on 100g of cooked starchy foods such as brown rice or legumes such as lentils and beans,” she explains. Red or white It is important to take it with every meal to avoid these cravings.

Moderate alcohol consumption

Alcoholic beverages that are high in calories should be avoided, especially when you want to lose fat. "It should remain occasional and festive, the goal is not to deprive yourself either. However, an aperitif every evening can, in the long run, lead to real weight gain," the specialist explains, before adding: "You have to be careful with soft drinks Non-alcoholic but also with flavored drinks that are also very high in sugar and calories.”

Lose weight without exercising: go with homemade dishes

Is your goal to lose weight? So, whip out your cutest aprons and your chef hat and prepare homemade dishes befitting a specialty restaurant. By preferring homemade dishes, you are sure of what to eat and avoid very fatty foods.

“When cooking, you can control the amount of fat or sugar. If you want to prepare homemade crumbs, for example, you will be able to use different types of flour, especially those with a lower glycemic index. If you want to prepare A low-sugar dessert, then choose the protein-rich chickpea flour or coconut blossom sugar, which has a low glycemic index," recommends Florence Foucault.

Be fully aware of what you are eating

Nowadays we tend to do everything very quickly, but it is important to be aware of and appreciate what we eat. Because yes, the pleasure satisfies! Hence, it is advisable to avoid eating your lunch sandwich while walking or in front of your computer during your lunch break. Take the time to eat quietly to fully enjoy your meal.

"It's about becoming fully aware of what you're eating because eating too quickly can lead to weight gain. You have to appreciate what you have in your mouth, chew well and not swallow everything directly," says the specialist.

High-fiber foods are your allies

Eating high-fiber foods reduces the absorption of glucose, cholesterol, and fats. As the dietitian and nutritionist identifies: "Cooked vegetables, legumes, flour and whole grains are favorite foods because they are very rich in fiber. There are also other foods like whole quinoa, red kidney beans or kidney beans. You can also bet on wholemeal bread instead of white bread."

Lose weight without exercise: Don't neglect magnesium

Getting enough magnesium can also be key to losing weight. "Almost 70% of the population does not meet their magnesium needs. Magnesium primarily affects anxiety and sleep. We must not forget that stress and disorders can also contribute to weight gain," explains Florence Foucault.

So, if you want to take in magnesium, choose foods like wholemeal pasta, nuts, brown rice, or bananas, which also contain vitamin B6, or cocoa. Also consume magnesium-rich water like Hepar, Rosanna, or Courmayeur. ', the expert recommends.


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