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Lose weight in the face: Instructions for purifying the cheeks and chin

 Lose weight in the face: Instructions for purifying the cheeks and chin

Your face is very round, are you complex on your cheeks and focused on your slight double chin? With some simple exercises and the right cosmetics, you have a perfect face!

While some of us are obsessed with their thighs, their waistline, or even their chests, others can't look in the mirror without staring at an oval face: Too round, too flabby, too loose...the chin tends to split? It's normal if you've gained a few pounds recently, because the face is one of the parts of the body where fat settles most easily. But, the good news, it's also the easiest place to get rid of them! How ? By combining a few gymnastic exercises on the face and suitable cosmetics.

Simple exercises to lose face weight

Do you want to lose a few pounds and thus clear your face? Do physical activity twice a week to burn extra calories. Don't forget to watch your diet too: often balanced, low-fat meals and no snacking are key to slimming down... including your face! Also remember to do some facial gymnastics to tone the facial muscles and tighten the skin.

To refine your cheeks: make a face! Close the mouth, pull your lips up to touch the tip of your nose. Hold the pause for 15 seconds and repeat about ten times. Then, close your mouth, suck your cheeks. Hold the position for ten seconds and renew at least five times. Thanks to these two movements, your cheeks are visibly hollowed out, the muscles are tightened and the oval is redrawn.

To lose a double chin: Stand straight with your chin up and your head slightly back. Mouth closed, move lower jaw forward. Hold this position for ten seconds, then repeat the process at least five times. Another tip: Chew gum for 10 to 15 minutes daily. These two exercises work on stimulating the neck muscles, thus removing the double chin.

What are the best face slimming products?

It is known that slimming creams lose a few centimeters of your waistline, but some treatments, designed specifically for the face, are very effective. As a daytime product, we love Dr. Pierre Rico's Neck & Chest. In addition to filling wrinkles, it smoothes the skin. Also try the Carita Progressive Lifting and Firming Treatment. This expert anti-aging treatment corrects the loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Don't miss the star treatment, too: Clarins Lift Avene Perfect Contour Serum that visibly refines and firms the face. Finally, at night, Mary Cohr's Slimming Night Face Treatment refines and firms the face thanks to its drying and firming action.

Apply the care of your choice according to a specific gesture to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients and enhance their effectiveness.

For the cheeks: apply a small amount of the product to the tips of the fingers and apply to the cheekbones, then smooth it towards the temples. Repeat this gesture ten times until full penetration of the care.

For the chin: put a dose of care in your hand and warm it between the palms of your hand. Tilt your head back and move one hand at a time from the chin to the neckline. Repeat ten times.


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