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Lose weight easily: how to lose weight without diet?

 Lose weight easily: how to lose weight without diet?

To lose weight easily and naturally, forget about harsh diets and accurate calorie counting to focus on learning new good eating and exercise habits.

It's never too late to change things up and restore balance. But it's not always easy to get started without help. Discover the basic rules for losing weight easily and without dieting, slimming recipes, as well as sample menus selected by our nutritionist.

How to lose weight easily? The importance of food

To lose weight easily and naturally, reviewing your diet is a mandatory step. However, it is not necessarily about controlling everything or counting the fewest calories eaten.

On the contrary, it may be interesting to accept the idea of ​​returning to an instinctive diet adapted to the basic needs of the body.

To lose weight easily without thinking about it, the food should be qualitative and each food category should be consumed in the right proportions. In fact, there is nothing too complicated because it is enough to promote raw foods, simple preparations and based on natural ingredients.

Foods to eat and avoid for easy weight loss

favorite foods

Raw and cooked seasonal vegetables

fresh fruits

Whole grains and whole starches

whole bread




plant proteins



Vegetable oils of olive and rapeseed

correct hydration

gentle cooking

foods to reduce

Ready Meals

Processed foods

Saturated and trans fats

white sugar

refined grains

White bread and its derivatives

Fatty meats and cold meats

Plates and dishes heavy in sauce

Fast food

French fries and breadcrumbs

excess salt

Meals and canned foods

Soft drinks and industrial juices


Balanced food menus to lose weight naturally

To help you lose weight naturally by relearning how to eat right, here's a balanced day menu. This day based menu contains all the micro and macro nutrients that are necessary for the body to function properly. If necessary, feel free to adapt this example to your own needs.


Unsweetened green tea

Almond milk, almond and honey porridge

fresh fruit


Whole meal salad with quinoa, feta and seasonal vegetables

Chicken fillet, mushroom sauce

Fruit compote without sugar


Crudites . sticks

Peanut Butter

having dinner

Asian soup with nori seaweed and black mushroom

Boiled eggs and wholemeal bread

Blanc Fromage with honey and red fruits

10 golden rules for losing weight without dieting

To lose weight easily, it is not enough to control the expenditure and consumption of energy. Equally important, an attitude toward food can make a real difference:

Eat slowly and calmly.

Actively listen to the sensations of food and stop eating until fullness;

Take the time to properly chew each bite;

Prepare 3 full meals a day;

Treat yourself to one meal a week without feeling guilty.

Think nutritional quality rather than calories;

Take care of yourself by stopping restrictive diets;

Be tolerant and give yourself time to achieve your goals;

Regular physical activity with the primary goal of being satisfied;

Learn to distinguish real hunger from other parasitic sensations: desire to eat, boredom, stress, etc.

Do physical activity to lose weight easily

Regular physical activity can really help you break the cycle of harsh diets and allow you to lose weight naturally.

To lose weight easily, it is all about balancing energy intake and energy expenditure. Rather than having an obsessive relationship with food (intake), working to increase energy expenditure is a really winning strategy.

Easily refine the benefits of sports

Redraw the silhouette

improve the benefits of the right diet;

muscle mass development

Reduce the rate of fat mass.

increased energy expenditure;

Protection of the cardiovascular system.

You have better control over your eating;

You have better management of stress and emotions;

increase the level of energy and vitality;

promote good sleep;

Preventing overweight and diseases of civilization.

Recipe for easy weight loss: Almond and honey porridge

Rich in protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and micronutrients, this porridge is perfect for starting the day on the right foot. Very satiating, it allows for better control of your food intake during the day while providing strength and energy!

Ingredients for one person

150 ml of almond milk

50 ml of water

3 tablespoons. oatmeal;

Two drops of vanilla extract.

1 c. honey;

15 grams of crushed almonds

Optional: 10g of raisins.


In a saucepan, heat the milk and water with vanilla extract.

Once the liquid boils, add the oats and honey. Immediately reduce the heat and continue to cook the slimming oatmeal porridge for 4 to 5 minutes. At this point, you can add some raisins if you wish.

Finally, let the porridge cool and serve in a bowl sprinkled with some ground almonds.


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