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Lose 10 kilos: 5 essential tips from a precision nutritionist

 Lose 10 kilos: 5 essential tips from a precision nutritionist

This is the promise of expert Valerie Espinas who, in her new book "I lose 3 to 10 kilograms in 3 months", gives the keys to losing weight safely. On the menu: common sense, balance, vitamins.

Losing 10 kilos, even in three months, is a lot! So there is no doubt about doing anything, to arbitrarily eliminate this or that food. On the contrary, before thinking about "diet" you need to go back to the basics, rethink your way of eating, and start over on a good foundation. That's the whole point of Valerie Espinas, micro-nutritionist, in her book *designed as a log to accompany you step-by-step through these three months.

Select your profile

It is a prerequisite. When did I gain weight (puberty, menopause, etc.), if I snack between meals, if I moved ... Valérie Espinasse offers a test and tools to determine your personality and goal, but when you have a lot to lose, feel free to consult a nutritionist . Because often, we want to lose more than "normal," which puts our health at risk. Calculating BMI is the first criterion (BMI = weight divided by the square of height) for determining a person's position.

Put everything black on white

It's like a contract you make with yourself. And it works! According to a study, women who keep a slimming diary lose weight more easily. So, make a list of your strengths (I don't skip meals, I walk regularly...) and your weaknesses (I eat industrial meals, I'm sedentary...), your motivations... Draw a weight curve, to track your progress during these three months, create a Your shopping lists, your to-do lists, your schedule of activities to move more... and thus, you will stay in the nails.

Give yourself time

There is no overnight food revolution! Set your plan over 3 months and set yourself a goal for the week: empty the cupboards, do physical activity, avoid snacking ... and every 15 days, evaluate to see if you tick all the boxes, if not, correct shooting.

Check out the basics

Basis: no more than 2000 calories per day with the following distribution: carbohydrates 50/55%, fats 35/40%, proteins 15%. You have to stay within these ranges and adopt a varied diet, of vegetables and the portions (eat from the dessert plate, don't refill...), replace industrial foods with healthy equivalents and cook at home as often as you can. If we respect the basics, and eat in a balanced way, then from there, we can lose weight permanently because we will be full and will no longer want to snack.

Take vegetarian capsules

This is one of the main tips from Valérie Espinasse who recommends that in case of disturbed sleep, who pays to eat at night, take capsules of valerian, passion flower or hawthorn at bedtime, to fight against gnawing and urge food to take rhodiola rosea and vitamin B - in the morning and noon And dinner, and to counteract the cravings for sugar before menstruation, a magnesium tablet or a capsule of Rhodiola rosea in the morning and in the evening,


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