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Light soup: 5 slimming alternatives to our favorite recipes

Light soup: 5 slimming alternatives to our favorite recipes

To be light, the recipe should not contain a lot of fat or starch.

Thai coconut milk soup

220 calories per 30cl tray

In this shrimp and vegetable soup cooked in broth and coconut milk, half the calories come from milk. With rice vermicelli, the note goes up to 330 calories.

Slimming alternative: spicy Thai soup

125 calories per 30cl tray

The prawns are cooked in a spicy broth: curry, turmeric, coriander... with shiitakes (mushrooms). Without coconut milk, it's almost 0% fat. Another option: miso soup (soybean paste) made with dashi broth (kombu seaweed and bonito), seaweed, some green vegetables and diced tofu, 100 calories per bowl.

pea soup

315 calories per 30 cl bowl

Without fresh vegetables and served with smoky brown bacon, it provides plenty of carbohydrates (30g) and fat (12g), the equivalent of 1.5 squares of butter.

Slimming Alternative: Minestrone

265 calories per 30 cl container

Also topped with bacon, but more balanced: fresh vegetables (tomatoes, green beans, etc.) and a little less (white beans), and therefore carbohydrates. Another option: Lentil and tomato soup, without bacon, 5g of fat and 180 calories per bowl.

Cream of sweet potatoes and carrots

255 calories for 30cl

It is made with sweet potatoes, carrots and coconut milk, both of which are high in carbohydrates (slightly more in sweet potatoes than in potatoes) and fat (coconut milk contains 18%).

Slimming Alternative: Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot Cream

175 calories per bowl

Less caloric, pumpkin also thickens the soup thanks to its fiber (pectin): 20 kcal/100 g instead of 86. Another option: pumpkin and carrot soup, without coconut milk, with 1 tbsp. vs. of oil per person, or 7g less fat, 95 calories per bowl.

bedroom cream

445 calories per 30 cl bowl, golden

Mushrooms in butter, then simmered in fresh cream (10cl per person) and broth. The result is 40 grams of fat!

Slimming Alternative: Velotte with Mushrooms

270 calories per 30 cl bowl

Mushrooms are cooked with white roux and broth. Add less cream (3 cl per person). Another option: Mushroom and potato soup without butter, 190 calories per bowl.

French onion soup

415 calories per 30cl tray

It contains onions browned in butter and cooked in flour and broth. The problem is to sprinkle slices of bread with grated.

Slimming Alternative: Traditional Onion Soup

310 calories per 30cl tray

It is served with bread but without cheese, so it is less fatty (less than 9g of fat). Another option: with white wine, without bread. Drizzle the onions with dry white wine, 175 calories per bowl.


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