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Knee Lift Challenge: 30 Days to Get a Flat Stomach!

 Knee Lift Challenge: 30 Days to Get a Flat Stomach!

Draw the abdominal muscles, strengthen the thighs and buttocks and burn calories: Knee raises can effectively strengthen the body. Here's a 30-day challenge to take, alone or with friends, to get visible results on your character!

Burning fat and working on cardio: Benefits of raising the knee on the body

Also called the "knee raise" exercise, this exercise is very effective in defining the abs if performed regularly.

By immediately running and lifting one knee after another, the abdominal girdle is fully dialed and works deeply.

This cardio exercise also helps in strengthening the core and burning fat and thus purifying it.

You can easily incorporate this movement into your cardio fitness routine before you begin as a warm-up.

The knee raise is also excellent for runners, as it helps strengthen the hip flexor muscles, which get too tense during a running outing.

How is the knee raised correctly?

Stand with your back straight and your arms along your body.

Begin jogging in place, lifting one knee as high as possible, before lifting the other knee.

During the movement, remember to keep the chest as straight as possible, without moving forward or backward, and by tightening the abdominal muscles.

When one knee is raised, the opposite arm is shown, and the elbow is bent.

Gradually increase the pace throughout the exercise.

Good tip: Once you're done, you can repeat this routine for 30 days, with a more intense knee-lift cadence.

An exercise that can (also) be done in water, to soften your body

At sea or in the pool, it is quite possible to do a knee lift, and it would be a mistake to deny yourself it!

In fact, when you raise the knee in water (ideally with your body submerged almost to your hips), the weight of the water makes the movement more intense, and the water provides a massage of the submerged and working body areas. It is enough to work the thighs and buttocks, reduce cellulite and feel heavy in the legs thanks to the effect of draining water on the skin.


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