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Judo for weight loss: 6 good reasons to adopt this sport

 Judo for weight loss: 6 good reasons to adopt this sport

Learn a specific tatami system that you can apply daily, improve your legs and arms, keep a flat stomach, burn calories...Judo is a sport with multiple benefits for your brain and personality, proof!

Sports that keeps your heart

We know that regular physical activity is essential to staying in shape and maintaining a healthy heart. In addition to cardio sports like running, swimming, and cycling, some seemingly less cardio physical activities are nonetheless excellent for getting this muscular organ to work.

Such as judo, which allows, by doing a fist on the ground or standing, to increase the heart rate, contact the heart and thus prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Judo is a good way to burn calories

Thus, as we have just seen, judo is a cardio sport. Whoever says working on the heart says burning calories! So judo is an excellent alternative to the sports we already play to expend energy and lose a few pounds...

It is estimated that an individual expends an average of 630 calories by practicing this combat sport for one hour. This equates to a large snack... To give you an idea of ​​what you can throw away during that judo session, pain chocolate is about 426 calories per 100 grams, chocolate donuts are 420 calories per 100 grams and croissants are about 433 calories per 100 grams. So, convinced?

Flat Stomach: Are you starting judo to draw abdominal muscles?

Judo can be a good way to build muscle in a fun way. Thus, during a combat sports session, the upper body is moved: the abdomen should be wrapped to stand as long as possible, and the back should also be muscular.

Having strength in the arms and shoulders and strengthening this group of muscles is also important to successfully defeating your opponent!

Physical activity to tone your legs

Strengthening the muscles of the upper body in judo can no longer be demonstrated, but imagine that the lower body is not excluded: in order not to end up on the floor, it is necessary to have good support on the ground. Thus, standing up, despite the pressure exerted by the opponent, the thighs and calves are stimulated! This is enough to effectively strengthen the muscles of your legs and make them more toned.

Boost your self-confidence by practicing Judo

Like all sports, judo helps build self-confidence. But combat sport is more than that: you learn to defend yourself against someone, and by practicing regularly, you strengthen your self-esteem. An ideal physical activity if you are looking to gain self-confidence!

Judo: dispensing, adopting a system on the tatami... and on the board

Through exercise, one learns of course self-control and focus and this can help channel their anger. In judo, as in any sport, there are rules that must be followed. And the fighting always takes place in a specific setting.

Thus, not only do we let go of the rules of the game by allowing ourselves to be attracted away from the rules of the game, but we also in a healthy way get rid of stress, anxiety or negative feelings that may be inside us.

Bonus, by reducing stress and learning to orient yourself, you also learn to tune into the food aspect: you're stronger and more resistant to cravings or snacking...

For all these reasons, judo can prove to be an ally if you decide to change your lifestyle and monitor your streak.


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