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Japanese Water: Discover This Simple Reflexology From Japan To Lose Weight

 Japanese Water: Discover This Simple Reflexology From Japan To Lose Weight

The reaction, which is very simple and very easy to put on when you wake up, can help you lose weight, maintain your body and increase your energy. In short, to feel better both physically and mentally! Find out without further delay what this secret from Japan is ...

Have you ever heard of Sassy Water, a detoxing drink devised by an American dietitian, that promises you a flat stomach in just a few days?

Another reaction, at least very easy to adopt when you wake up, can be just as effective for keeping the streak, losing a few pounds, but also for staying healthy.

Japanese Water: What is this slimming secret from Japan?

This advice, which comes to us this time from Japan, nicknamed "Japanese water", consists simply of drinking 4 to 6 glasses of water at room temperature (or lukewarm, but neither too hot nor too cold), over bed in the morning, on An empty stomach.

As we know, our body is made up of 60% water, and good daily hydration is essential to keeping the body in shape, and maintaining a nice silhouette. But for the Japanese, the daily consumption of water at room temperature upon waking will be especially beneficial and will give amazing results!

For the Japanese, the early hours of the morning are the most precious thing of the day, a special moment for the psyche, where body and soul wake up... So let's begin?

Weight loss, vitality, intestinal transit... The benefits of this morning reflex to adopt now

"Japanese water therapy", especially glasses of water in the morning, will have many advantages:

Reviving the metabolism

After sleeping at night, the body often becomes dehydrated, and to restart the machine when you wake up, nothing is better than to start drinking a few glasses of water, which stimulates the metabolism and means the start of a new day.

Stimulation of intestinal transit

It is no longer a secret that intestinal transit plays an important role in our daily health and wellness. Before heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or tea, or to make a great breakfast, this hydration reflex when you get out of bed will help your digestive system to wake up too, gently...Ideally, you should drink this mild water about thirty minutes before From breakfast time, to allow the body to enjoy the benefits (you can enter the bathroom in the meantime, for example...).

lose the pounds

And whoever says better intestinal transit necessarily says the effect on the silhouette! By taking care of your digestive system every morning, you will improve your digestion and therefore the assimilation of the foods you will eat during the day, and you will benefit as a bonus from the effect of these glasses of water on satiety!

energy gain

In fact, a healthy metabolism improves vitality. With this habit, as the days go by, you will gain energy, both physically and mentally (focus, memory, mood, etc.).

The main principles of Japanese water

When you wake up on an empty stomach, drink 4 to 6 glasses of plain, moderate or lukewarm water, to which you can add lemon juice (optional)

Wait 30 minutes (ideally 45 minutes) after these glasses of water, before drinking or eating

Brush your teeth after drinking

Before going to bed, gargle with warm, salt water

Avoid eating or drinking while standing so as not to disturb digestion

Take the time to chew each bite thoroughly before swallowing.


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