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Ispaghul or blond psyllium: how to take advantage of the slimming properties of this appetite suppressant plant

 Ispaghul or blond psyllium: how to take advantage of the slimming properties of this appetite suppressant plant

During the day, a small cavity occurs between meals. It's often hard to ignore and can be frustrating when trying to pay attention to your diet. Natural solutions exist to fight food cravings and promote weight loss. Émilie Kapps naturopath reveals the slimming benefits of blond psyllium.

Thanks to its advantages, certain foods and some plants can be a real ally in losing weight. This is particularly the case with konjac, oat bran, or blond psyllium. Also called ispaghul, it is part of the Plantaginaceae family. There are different types of psyllium: blond and black. Blond psyllium is especially recommended for slimming. because of ? It is rich in fiber that causes a feeling of satiety. We stop more quickly, and therefore we reduce our food intake and calories.

“The first reaction when you want to lead to weight loss is to see if your digestive system is working properly. So we will deal with your liver and intestines in order to prevent blockages caused by food waste and toxins,” explains Emily Capps, Naturopathic.

Blond psyllium is primarily known for its laxative and anti-diarrheal properties. When they accumulate, food waste will settle directly into the fat cells. Thanks to its laxative action, this plant enhances intestinal transit and prevents the stagnation of toxins.

The fiber in spaghetti also has another positive effect on the intestines. “It absorbs toxins and has an almost intestinal cleansing role,” Emily Capps identifies. Fiber also has hypocholesterolemic ability, that is, it acts against bad cholesterol, and hypoglycemic action, which reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Thus, these substances promote better absorption of fats and sugars.

How do you take blond psyllium?

According to Émilie Kapps, spaghetti comes in many forms. This plant is sold in seeds, capsules and tablets. In the context of weight loss, we recommend the seeds and the envelope of blond psyllium. The fibers are mainly found in the core of the seed. It is also soluble in water. Upon contact with water, it swells and forms a sticky gel, a texture that accelerates the feeling of satiety.

Regarding the preparation, you can pour half a teaspoon of blond psyllium into a large glass of water. Then dilute the mixture. You can drink this drink before lunch and dinner so that you feel full. Glycemic and lipid loads are also reduced.

You can also dilute 1 tablespoon in a glass of 150 ml of water. Drink this mixture morning and evening. "There's another preparation: Soak one or two tablespoons of blond psyllium seeds in a liquid, preferably water, for a few hours. About 20 minutes before a meal, swallow a rehydrated ispiglia by drinking plenty of water," outlines the natural remedy. It is recommended to follow the blond psyllium treatment for three weeks so that the body can respond positively.

Ispaghul capsules and tablets are recommended to treat problems related to intestinal transit. So it is not recommended for weight loss. "It is the mixture of water and seeds that interests us. Thanks to this connection, a viscous and fibrous gel is formed. Thus, it acts on the stomach by inflating it and causing a feeling of satiety. This preparation detoxifies, promotes transit and absorbs sugars and fats", Emily Kaps confirms.

Blond psyllium: what recommendations to follow?

"Ispaghul is a good solution to fight hunger and promote weight loss. This plant is suitable for people who want to lose weight, but are afraid to go on a diet. It's better than taking cuts - chemical hunger that can potentially be harmful to the body," points out Emily Kaps. However, the naturopath insists on one point: It is essential that you have a balanced diet for the blond psyllium remedy to work. She warns that "do not eat anything, even if this plant has properties that enhance the absorption of fats and sugars."

During treatment, it is also recommended to drink plenty of water in order to dissolve the food bolus and better digest the nutrients. Thanks to the consumption of water, psyllium has an optimal effect on the body and weight loss.

There are also other natural alternatives that work to lose weight. Emily Capps cites two natural appetite suppressants in particular: prickly pear plants and garcinia. The naturopath adds, "The juniper and hawthorn essential oils also help work the compulsive side during a sugar craving."

Ispagol: what are the contraindications of this plant?

Before starting the treatment of blond psyllium, several recommendations should be followed. Émilie Kapps in particular notes that this plant should be taken at a distance from nutritional supplements or medications. This plant has an absorbent power that works especially on fats and sugars, but it can also contain other molecules. So the effects of treatment or supplements can be reduced. Therefore, a naturopath advises taking blond psyllium before meals, medications as well as nutritional supplements between meals.

Ispaghul is also not recommended for people with type 2 diabetes. because of ? This plant modulates blood sugar levels and can affect diabetes. Individuals with intestinal obstruction should avoid it. The antidiarrheal effect may cause partial or complete obstruction of the small intestine or colon. Blond psyllium is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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