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Hypnosis for weight loss: is it really effective for weight loss?

 Hypnosis for weight loss: is it really effective for weight loss?

Learn how to manage food cravings on a daily basis, reduce stress-related snacking, or support eating disorder treatment... Find out what hypnosis for weight loss is, what it consists of and what it does. It can be expected from this nice way.

Therapeutic hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness, talking about the trance of hypnosis. To lose weight, it is not about demonstrating hypnosis, but therapeutic hypnosis, medical hypnosis. There is no loss of self-control during the session.

It is this state of expanded awareness that allows you to let go of your limiting beliefs (eating habits, our mechanisms).

As with strology, hypnosis will increase a person's potential, both by changing their negative behavior and by changing new ones. We renew, to reprogram the subconscious when a person is between waking and sleeping, in a state of well-being.

Hypnosis and slimming: what are its benefits?

During the first session, the practitioner seeks to get to know the person well, identifying their problem and the keys that can be used to respond to it. This first appointment is also an opportunity to determine the number of sessions that will be necessary to obtain results.

The brain does not know negation, during the session, the practitioner will make sure to use affirmations only to guide the person under hypnosis.

  1. The effects related to being overweight are numerous and directly depend on the person's problem:
  2. Learn to manage food cravings (in some cases, omnivorous behaviors)
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety that lead to eating
  4. Learn to better manage your emotions, which are often the cause of snacking
  5. Accept your body, and have a better image of yourself
  6. Controlling problem foods, which can be considered addictive like chocolate for example
  7. Rediscover the joy of eating certain foods
  8. Relieve guilt with food
  9. Reconnect with feelings of hunger and satiety
  10. Know how to anticipate dangerous situations (appetizing, supermarket shopping, etc.)

The secret to hypnosis for weight loss? During these sessions, we have the possibility to recreate the images, the sensations inside the brain, this image does not make the difference between the real (what is really lived) and the dream, and the intentions. Thus, one reconciles one's body and mind by deeply adjusting the subconscious.

During this meeting, nutritional advice can be given: for people who go out a lot for meals, how to manage temptations in restaurants, for example.

The number of sessions needed to solve problems varies from person to person, but it generally takes 4 or 5 sessions to get results on eating behaviors.

Improve your session to lose weight

To get results, both in the short and long term, it is necessary to be specific, and to make this decision for yourself and not for others. Are you asking the right questions before you start? Why do I want to lose weight? To whom do I do it? What do I benefit from losing weight?

To help you, in addition to committing to yourself, you can confirm this decision to those around you, as if saying so made this process more realistic and pushed you to go through it. Next, motivation will be needed at the level of self-discipline.

Be patient, after the session, nothing is magical, behaviors will gradually change (especially if you really want to!). De plus, chaque nuit l'inconscient continue de faire son travail… Même si les premiers résultats sur vos comportements alimentaires ne sautent pas aux yeux, sachez que lors d'une séance d'hypnose, des chose se y dan a quiment .

In addition, we can resort to massage cryotherapy, which helps to improve the silhouette after losing weight. The cold helps firm tissues, reduces the appearance of orange peel, and helps stimulate metabolism.

Also, natural processing, which helps to understand food, make some adjustments to your eating habits, and adopt a healthy lifestyle in the long run can be a real plus to increase your chances of success. And yes, the more things are explained to you, the more motivated you will be!


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