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How to lose weight from the neck? Correct diet and targeted exercises

 How to lose weight from the neck? Correct diet and targeted exercises

Having a double chin is not very charming. Food, facial gym, practical tips... Find out all our tips for losing neck weight.

With age and / or fast food and / or a sedentary lifestyle, it is not uncommon to notice facial weight gain: the cheeks swell, the tissues lose their firmness and ... a double chin appears . Not too flashy!

Lose weight from the neck: the right diet

To lose weight (at the level of the face, but not only), it is necessary to follow a balanced diet: starchy foods at each meal (preferring whole foods), vegetables (seasonal) at lunch and dinner, proteins (vegetable or animal) twice a day, "Good" fats (olive oil, rapeseed oil, etc.) in each serving, 3 servings of fruit per day, 2 servings of dairy per day.

To specifically target the neck area, beware of salt: Excessive consumption of it promotes water retention, which can occur especially in the face. So cut back on deli meats, ready meals, sauces in jars, smoked foods... and sprinkle your dishes with spices instead!

The bravest can dare the anti-sugar detox: In fact, it enhances fat storage in adipocytes and is involved in building the famous "double chin."

Neck Weight Loss: Self-Massage Solution

Here are 3 self-massage sessions to perform in the morning and evening in front of the mirror when applying the day cream / night cream:

Place your right hand on your neck under the jaw: fingers touch the left earlobe. With a foreplay gesture (supported!), return your hand to the right lobe. Immediately do the same with the left hand, starting from the level of the right lobe.

Next, place your thumbs under your chin and make small circles outward to "unblock" the area. Both thumbs move at the same time, in coordination.

Finally, clench your fists and knead the double chin area (below the jaws) with the knuckles pointing toward the ears. Warning: It doesn't have to be painful!

Weight loss from the neck: the sports solution for the face

Hey, yes, the facial parlour, it's there! To restore the symmetry of the neck muscles, Catherine Bees, facialist gymnast and author of La gym faciale (ed. de L'Homme) offers us the following exercise:

Open your mouth and pull your lower jaw to protrude the tendons, then release. Do this 10 times for 10 seconds. Then lift your face toward the ceiling to stretch your neck and lower jaw. Hold for at least 5 seconds and do this stretch 15 times in a row.

For fast and lasting results, perform this exercise every morning for 10 days. Then, maintain a rhythm of two workouts per week, always in the morning.

Lose weight from the neck: 5 useful tips

On a daily basis, try to take a good posture: your head is raised, as if connected to the sky by an invisible thread, your back is straight, your shoulders are low.

Laugh and smile as much as possible. These gestures contribute to tightening the neck area because they stretch the muscles .. and this is beneficial for the morale!

Beware the smartphone that leads us to keep our head bent over our collarbones all day: This pose promotes tissue relaxation...and neck pain.

For a self-tightening massage, choose wheat germ oil: rich in vitamin E, it helps tone tissues while hydrating the area permanently.

When eating, take time to chew each bite for a long time: this (good) habit helps avoid snacking between meals by promoting a feeling of satiety ... and working on the neck muscles.


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