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How to get a flat stomach?

 How to get a flat stomach?

Between confinement, holidays, telecommuting, and the arrival of winter, you'll be eating binge-eating. Don't panic, we help you get your personality back.

Eat a balanced diet

During confinement and/or during vacations you have some curves, especially in the abdominal area, that you cannot get rid of. To gain lightness and improve the silhouette, the first reaction is, of course, to eat healthy food. Above all, get used to cooking, but choose recipes that are low in fat and sugar. As winter approaches, use soup, steamed vegetables, tin foil and season with a drizzle of olive oil to wake up your taste buds as winter approaches. Replace the pastries with homemade compotes or low-sugar juices.

Take advantage of the benefits of endermologie®

Even if you do a little physical exercise, some positional rotation continues around the stomach and hips? Treat yourself to a course of endermologie® treatments. The natural and painless endermologie® technology mechanically stimulates dormant cells, allowing them to work to eliminate fat and improve skin quality. The result, smoother and firmer skin, from the third session. A study conducted by Dermscan in 2016 showed a waist circumference loss of 3.4 cm after 3 endermologie® sessions. Sessions can also help relieve digestive and transit disorders, thus improving your daily health.

Give yourself a cosmetic boost

To improve the results of endermologie® sessions, use an appropriate treatment at home. ideal? LPG® Fat Reducing Gel is formulated with red algae. This active ingredient adapts to the biorhythm of fat cells. At night, it limits lipogenesis (fat storage) and prevents the formation of new adipocytes. During the day, it acts on lipolysis (elimination of fats) and stimulates the formation of collagen. Massage it morning and evening if possible on the abdominal area and on the rest of the body if you wish, to get rid of the curves effectively.


Calculate €20 for a 10-minute session dedicated to one area: puffiness, dark circles, forehead, mouth... Plan 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks for best results.


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