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How to eat well to lose weight? user's Guide

 How to eat well to lose weight? user's Guide

Lose weight and slim your figure, without a restrictive's possible! Nutritionist Sarah Marin Meyer gives us instructions for following a balanced diet to lose weight permanently.

The ten basic rules, to lose weight without a restrictive diet

Stay consistent and have a long-term vision, with balanced meals, over the weeks, months, but also all year round.

Consult a nutritionist for the appropriate portions (according to various criteria: age, gender, metabolism, height, weight, etc.). Two consultations suffice to assess habits and create a program.

Eat whole dishes at every meal, that is, with the following ingredients: animal or vegetable proteins, vegetables, whole starchy foods and a portion of vegetable fats.

Divide your diet, while providing a snack, which will limit snacking by regulating blood sugar.

Promote raw, seasonal, local and organic products if possible. And limit sugary products.

Stay curious, open up to another diet, start cooking more, and have fun so you don't consider it a limitation.

Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Do regular physical activity, which is essential for losing weight, but also for staying healthy.

Choose a physical activity we like, and start gradually. It is better to do fewer but regularly, than large sessions once in a while.

Set achievable goals and levels before the end goal, whether in terms of diet or exercise.

Lose Weight: Don't Ban Food, Instead Replace It Smart

Even in the pursuit of weight loss, banning foods is a bad idea. In fact, cutting out certain foods will inevitably lead to frustration. So, instead of cutting out these foods, opt instead for more nutritionally important alternatives.

The idea is to consume your immersion differently. Do you like cakes? Instead of buying packages of cake that are ultra-processed and full of sugars and fats, make a homemade cake. This will reduce the amount of sugar you put in it and will control every ingredient you put in the preparation.

Likewise, would you fancy a burger? Do not deny yourself, but make it homemade, with good and carefully selected products.

Finally, those who love cheese, also deserve a little fun: we avoid processed cheeses, and serve small portions (30 or 40 grams) of good, organic cheese.

Bonus tip: if you have to choose between two products, check the ingredient list: it should be as short as possible. Note that the first food is always the most important in terms of quantity.

Proteins, vegetables and starches: foods you should not skip to lose weight

If there are slimy foods like vegetables, which one can consume whenever one wants when one is striving to lose weight, then everything is really a matter of balance.

The board that allows you to lose pounds, is a complete board that consists of:

Whole starches to affect satiety and give the body the energy it needs.

Vegetables rich in fiber contribute to the feeling of satiety and help the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Proteins, which will be the "building blocks" of our bodies, especially our muscles.

Part of the fat allows the absorption of some vitamins.

Therefore, these food groups contribute to the balance of the diet, the more diversity we have, the more we provide the body with everything it needs.

When we want to lose weight, we often want to remove one of these components from the plate, or even several. However, this will lead to frustration, a feeling of hunger that we would have to relieve otherwise and therefore weight gain ...

Mineral water, flavored water, herbal tea, tea ... the best drinks for weight loss

For weight loss, water is the only recommended drink. In order not to get tired and moisturize more, you can add lemon juice, mint leaves, pieces of fruit to infuse, etc.

Soft drinks, even in "light" or "zero" versions, fruit juices, alcohol and energy drinks should be avoided.

Note that fruit juice will never replace fresh fruit: there's no fiber, but there's almost as much sugar as soda, which raises your blood sugar dramatically.

You can also take herbal tea as desired. Take care not to abuse tea, on the other hand, it contains caffeine and yen, which in turn will inhibit iron absorption. Right alternative? Rooibos, "red tea," does not contain amen.


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