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How to catch the underdeveloped muscle?

 How to catch the underdeveloped muscle?

You all know we have strengths and weaknesses. Muscles draw the eye and other muscles nothing happens to her! Some abandon them completely and some will crash into the room!

To avoid stagnation and unblock rebellious muscles, we will strategize on two axes, diet and training. We voluntarily start with the topic of food. Starting !

Follow the regular diet to strengthen your weaknesses

I remind you that in order to gain muscle, you must first create a slight caloric surplus. Your basic diet should incorporate this calorie surplus, and it will be called a normal day below.

cycle diet

When we talk about the cyclical diet, we will strategize with variable amounts of calories depending on the day. In fact, we are going to rotate the hydrates (carbohydrates). You may find this surprising, but increasing your carbs on training day is a successful strategy.

How does it actually work?

Depending on your goal and the muscle groups you're working on, you should set up high, medium and low carb days.

High carbs per day: On a low carb day, increase your total calories by about 500 calories, or roughly 125g of carbs. Send them strategically around practice, before, during, and after. We will see later on the possibility of sending these carbohydrates.

Average Day (Normal): This is a normal calorie day, which is the day of your main diet, and on this day you train a muscle that you do not delay.

  • Low Day: A day without training with a calorie deficit of at least 300 to 500 calories.
  • Here is an example to understand the principle of the cyclic diet with a basic diet of 3000 calories:
  • High day: On the low day, you have to eat 3,500 calories.
  • Normal day: training day (muscle without delay), you should eat 3000 calories
  • Today's Low: A day without training, you should eat 2500 calories
  • In detail in your day, the 500kcal surplus will come from carbohydrates.

It can be divided as follows:

50g rolled oats as a pre-workout snack

30 gm Extra Vitargo immediately after the session

50g extra raw rice an hour after your workout

Meal cheat tips

Another little tip, if you're into cheat meals, you can simply do a muscle group late on your cheat day or the next morning. This will allow you to get the maximum carbs to blast that damn muscle behind you.

Now let's see how some training techniques can help you catch a weakness.

Training programs and techniques to compensate for a weak point.

You can imagine that there is no single and unique amplification technique and that each of us reacts in one way or another to a particular muscle stimulation. Anyway, I will give you advice based on my experience.

In this beginning we will talk about training programming, training techniques (pre-exhaustion, recall, shock chain)

Program training courses

It is necessary to program your sessions and cycle different phases: strength, volume and strength.

Change your exercise routine every 4-5 weeks. The idea is the work of muscles in sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, hypertrophy, nerve impulses.

 Example :

  1. 5-week strength program
  2. 5 weeks of strength
  3. 5 weeks of size (hypertrophy)

Increasing your muscle tone and therefore your nerve impulses will allow you to develop more weight (training loads) in your volume training and thus gain more muscle mass.

training techniques


A pre-exhaustion strategy is to start the exercise with an isolation exercise. This exercise only allows you to strain the muscles in advance, to create a connection and then break as many fibers as possible with a multi-joint (or basic) exercise.

Example of thighs:

Begin by extending the leg for 4 sets of 15 repetitions. Focus on the muscles and do each rep in a clean manner. For pre-exhaustion, the weight is not necessarily heavy, but the goal is to recruit the quadriceps muscles to continue the basic exercise.

The following exercise should fully recruit the quadriceps muscles. Work heavy enough and at different angles.

For the thighs, recruit the vastus lateral, vastus medial and anterior straight. All you have to do is change the position of your feet. No doubt this will make a difference in terms of visuals.

Example of training with pre-exhaustion of the thighs

  • Leg extensions 4 x 15 (light feel)
  • 6 x 10 Leg Press (2 sets with feet apart, 2 sets in normal position, 2 sets with narrow feet)
  • 4 x 10 walking lunges (increase weight per set and per session)
  • 4x10 Legacy Extension


When a muscle is rebellious, it can remember. The summons is not a session. A recovery is a lagging muscle group exercise that you'll perform at the end of another group session (usually on a lighter training day like the shoulders).

  1. You will only perform 4 sets with perfect execution.
  2. Let's keep the example of the quadriceps muscles.

At least 72 hours after your thigh session, you can do another muscle group at the end of the session, a series of 4x10 repetitions of leg extension or squatting for example.

shock chain

In the same way as recall, it is possible to perform a shock chain of 100 iterations. This famous series we are talking about is like a bodybuilding legend.

The principle here is to perform a series of 100 repetitions of an appropriate weight (and therefore lighter weight) in order to shock the muscles. The crowd is usually huge and it's a pretty cool chain to do that and you won't mind.

Decentralized phase and time under tension

In this technique we use two basic keys to develop strength and inflation.

Decentralization with slow penile descent and a time under pressure of 3 to 5 seconds is a terribly effective technique for gaining muscle. In addition to stimulating the central nervous system, greater muscle tension (the effort required to raise the load during the central phase and the effort to keep it in the eccentric phase) allows for functional gains.

This technique is very tiring and results in a higher rate of protein degradation. Your body will try to adapt.

In this

Example of a bench: In the descending phase, hold the load for 3 to 5 seconds and then rise (concentric) very quickly. Repeat the exercise for 3 to 5 repetitions.

There are of course many solutions to keep up with an underdeveloped muscle group, you can also refer to our article on different training techniques that can give you ideas.


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