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How do you lose the pounds gained during the holidays?

 How do you lose the pounds gained during the holidays?

After the end of the year excesses, we have to recover! Anne-Marie Gableca, La Quotidienne's France 5 beauty and wellness expert, gives us some tips for shedding the few pounds gained during the holidays.

Sugar, fat, and a sedentary lifestyle: The hellish trio that dominated our lives at the end of the year should now become an old least until next year. Because the end of the year has completely disrupted our usual lifestyle: we eat fatty foods (foie liver, french fries ...), fast sugars (logs, chocolate ...) and in addition, we stay for hours at the table to devour 3,217 calories that make up Christmas meal. If we take into account that a woman should consume an average of 2,000 calories per day and a man 2,500, we can assess the damage caused by the end-of-year festivities on our silhouette!

However, there is no need to be alarmed, these are exceptional kilos that can be shed if we follow some practical tips:

Stop eating fast sugars and switch to whole foods with a low glycemic index: brown rice, wholemeal pasta, legumes...

  1. Drink green tea that regulates blood sugar
  2. Take activated charcoal to fight bloating
  3. Abdominal massage to stimulate digestion
  4. Do breathing exercises


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