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How do you lose fat mass?

 How do you lose fat mass?

Thanks to the fat mass index (IMG), you can estimate the level of adipose tissue in your body, but this tool is not always reliable. Mathieu Joynantine, athletic trainer, offers many tips for effectively reducing body fat.

Fat is often considered a negative, and it has many advantages. Thanks to him, our body has the energy it needs to function properly. The latter also protects us from violent shock or cold, but in very large quantities, it leads to the risk of obesity or weight gain. Sports coach Matthew Jenantin reveals some tips for losing that fat mass.

How do you calculate body fat?

Several methods are used to calculate the percentage of adipose tissue in the body. This is the fat mass index (IMG). Not to be confused with Body Mass Index (BMI), which assesses an individual's obesity by estimating whether they are underweight, overweight or obese. This indicator is the only one recognized by the World Health Organization.

As with BMI, fat mass index can be estimated by arithmetic, even if there is a noticeable margin of error. To find your IMG, it is necessary to do a little math: (1.20 * BMI) + (0.23 * age) - (10.8 * gender) -5.4. In this equation, the female is equal to zero and the male is equal to one.

In addition to this account, other methods for finding IMG have been created. "This indicator is complex. There are many alternatives to its estimation, but it is difficult to refer to it. For example, we find measures of resistance or skin folds. For the latter, we take specific places on the body such as the waist or arms and measure the size of the fold in centimeters" explains the trainer.

For Mathieu Guénantin, the IMG is not the most reliable indicator for assessing fat loss. It depends on various factors such as height, weight, and whether or not you exercise. The only way to get a reliable estimate is to take the tests. Expensive, and generally intended for professional athletes. As you understand, IMG is hard to check, but our trainer has a trick to assess your low body fat.

"To see if you've lost fat, take before/after photos. Using visuals and measurement, this is a much safer method than a scale. Some people lose inches, but not weight. When you start taking measures, we speed up progress" develops the expert.

Fat mass index: is it different for men and women?

For a healthy person, the percentage of body fat depends on gender. It turns out that it is different between women and men. "In general, the rate is a little higher in a woman. When she becomes pregnant, she needs reserves to feed the baby," develops Mathieu Guinantin.

What sport to exercise to lose fat?

For fat loss, it is not a miracle, regular physical activity is essential. "Try to alternate between low intensity cardio sessions (running, walking), high intensity exercises (interval method) and muscle strengthening exercises," advises the coach. Together, these three exercises ensure a reduction in adipose tissue in the body.

Train at least twice a week to see real change. Initially, 45-minute sessions are ideal. Évidemment, plus on fait des séances, plus les changes arrive rapidement, mais le but est de maintenir le rythme. Mieux vaut s'exercer deux fois par semaine pendant dix ans que quatre fois par semaine pendant un an. Rhythm."

Fat loss: what diet to follow?

Besides physical activity, a good diet is the key to reducing the level of body fat. According to our coach, the loss of fat mass is 70% in food and 30% in sports. "Above all, we avoid diets and reduce our calorie consumption little by little. Weight loss should be done calmly so that the body does not interpret it as an attack. The goal is to spend more than we consume by reducing certain foods in small steps."

The important thing to achieve this fat loss is to maintain the consumption of fats and proteins. Conversely, it is better to reduce sugars and carbohydrates. "People often tend to shed fat, but it makes the brain, body, and organs work," adds Matthew Jenantine.


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