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How do you have a flat stomach? 3 tricks to cheat

 How do you have a flat stomach? 3 tricks to cheat

Eat abs, take supplements, follow a detox thank you, too little for us! To display a nice flat stomach, you can also choose the "optical illusion" solution. We give you 3 (helpful!) tips to erase your little blemishes instantly, without any effort.

Flat Belly Tip #1: Wardrobe Cheats Cleverly

This is the #1 trick we think of when we want to hide our little tummy: choose clothes that fit our morphology...and distract attention to our origins. Unsurprisingly, we're rocking low-waisted pants and a cropped blouse (otherwise: hey, buoy!). Also forget about dresses that are too tight, which will highlight our slightest flaws, and shirts with fantasies (ruffles, sequins, patterns ...) located at the level of the tummy and hips: they highlight that we just want to hide.

> How do you dress when you have a belly? Fashion and shopping tips!

Contrary to appearances, oversized blouses do not enhance us: on the contrary, they accentuate the “puffy” impression. Wrong friend too, the suit that leaves no flaws.

What clothes do you prefer? In bulk: a bodycon skirt (that tolerates all shapes), a trapeze dress (if it's short, it draws attention to our gorgeous legs), high-waisted jeans (with a pair of heels, a refined silhouette guaranteed), straight tops (with high-quality fabric) or Blouses (not too tight). As for colors, black is known to be purifying: the same goes for fir green, burgundy, khaki, midnight blue ...

Flat Belly Tip #2: "Tricky" Underwear

After all, recreating your figure isn't too complicated: over the past few years, brands have been vying brilliantly to offer sculpting/slimming/shaping underwear with absolutely amazing results.

Under the pants, opt for a specific bodysuit: this tight-fitting (slightly) garment that "smooths" the silhouette and makes the bulges disappear as if by magic. Some models (containing micro-capsules of caffeine or green tea, for example) work against cellulite in the long term. Leggings also come in the form of shorts, shorts or high-waisted leggings - sometimes there is also a "push" effect on the buttocks.

> What if you tried the slimming belt?

Under a somewhat tight dress, opt for a wrapping slip instead: this dress erases all imperfections and allows us to display a perfect silhouette, evening time. If the neckline of the dress is a bit complicated, we will choose a sheathed skirt with the same effects.

Also flatters the body: very sexy, it hides the flaws of the abdomen while lifting the chest. Top to wear under a blouse for a sherry surprise in the evening...

Flat stomach tip #3: silhouette-emphasizing posture

To look slim, having a good posture on a daily basis is crucial. When we move around with an arched back or when we stand slouched, inevitably, our silhouette looks less harmonious.

> To look thinner, we cheat by changing position

Practice in front of a mirror to adopt this attractive pose: From the front, your head should be straight. Your knees, hips, and shoulders should be perfectly aligned (neither one shoulder nor pelvis bend forward, nor one shoulder higher than the other). From the side, if your posture is good, you should also be able to see a straight vertical line going down from your ear to your ankle, and passing through your shoulder, hip, and knee.

As we walk, we keep our heads high (not low!) as if a string starting at the top of our skull connects us to the sky. The back remains straight, and the stomach is clearly folded - you can even contract the belly belt to complete the illusion. A posture that must be followed on a daily basis to look slim and display a nice flat stomach.


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