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How do you have beautiful buttocks?

 How do you have beautiful buttocks?

Do you want to be front and center in your lingerie collection or in your leggings? Good news, there are effective tips to reshape and reshape the buttocks. We give you our advice.

Cellulite reduction

Poor blood circulation, water retention, and excessive dieting are all factors that promote the appearance of cellulite. It is located mainly on the buttocks and thighs. And despite the rebalancing of exercise and food, cellulite often persists. Boost solution? Endermologie® sessions are performed by expert physiotherapists or cosmetologists, after a complete and thorough evaluation. This technique uses mechanical stimulation to promote the removal of localized fat and relaunch blood exchanges. The key is smoother, firmer skin after just three sessions.

straighten buttocks

The endermologie® treatment is also the perfect ally to eliminate saddlebags. In fact, thanks to the treatment head that combines a roller and a motorized valve, the sessions act like calf gymnastics and help get rid of thigh fat, which is especially resistant to stockpiling. A study conducted by Professor Lafontaine in 2011 showed that natural lipolysis (elimination of fat) increased by +70% after 12 endermologie® sessions. With this program, the buttocks are re-sculpted, asymmetries are corrected to restore the beautiful roundness of the curves naturally. In your underwear or in your pants, your silhouette will be more proportional and you will feel less tight ...

Prevents the appearance of fat

Once the buttocks become smoother, firmer and less bulky, cosmetics can be a good boost to improve results and overcome tough curves. Choose a formula that can promote fat shedding and prevent new cellulite from forming, such as the LPG® Anti-Cellulite Complex. navel?

Bodyfit® complex that smoothes and removes plaque from the skin. Apply morning and evening, from the ankles to the thighs, focusing on the buttocks.


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