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How do you calculate your ideal weight?

 How do you calculate your ideal weight?

We're obsessed with this "ideal weight". How do you calculate it easily? Explanations (and warnings!) from Marie Tandonette, MD.

It's the thing women really care about when they're dieting: "How much do I need to be to be thin, healthy, and good in my sneakers?"

For Marie Tandonnet, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, the answer to this question is very simple: “The ideal weight is the weight you are comfortable with: you eat a balanced diet, you have a tone during the day and your body is not an obstacle in everyday life.”

Beware of false images conveyed by advertisements and social networks: “There is a big difference between a real ideal weight and an imagined ideal weight, the specialist determines. You can be perfectly round and have reached your ideal weight. This is not necessarily synonymous with being thin!”

Ideal weight: the (imperfect) formula to calculate it

Another piece of information: "Life events (pregnancy, prolonged illness, unemployment or even hormonal changes...) have an effect on your silhouette and adjusting your ideal weight." In short, it is impossible to determine a specific number ...

Still need a number to get your directions? This is the formula the professionals use:

(Height (in centimeters) - 100) - ((height (in centimeters) - 150) divided by 2 (women) or 4 (men)). We get the weight in kilograms.

"This formula is incomplete because it only takes into account a person's height and gender, determines Marie Tandonent. In fact, the ideal weight depends on many factors: genes, physical activity, health status ..." is an indicative formula, therefore, it should not be trusted in any way blind!

Ideal Weight: Should You Really Calculate It?

Warning: According to Marie Tandonnet, the obsession with the "ideal weight" can quickly become unhealthy. Don't let a number rule your life: to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, you must above all eat a balanced diet, do regular physical activity and learn to manage your emotions. If necessary, the number can be the goal of slimming to allow you to stay motivated in the long term. The message has been received!

Also consider body mass index (BMI) that can help you get an indication of your health: How do you calculate BMI?


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