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How do I know it retains water?

 How do I know it retains water?

Your legs are swollen, your calf is like sticks, and your foot has doubled in size? It is possible that you are retaining water. We will explain everything to you.

Women are affected more than men by water retention, a phenomenon that causes unsightly “bloating,” especially in the lower body.

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What exactly is water retention?

The first thing to know: Our body is not able to store water long term, unlike fat. When everything is working normally, the water is naturally eliminated by several means: sweat, urine, breathing ... However, sometimes something goes wrong in the system: instead of being discharged, the water - carried by the lymphatic system - remains stored In certain parts of the body (feet, ankles, calves...) then we talk about water retention.

Water retention, what are the symptoms?

Water retention can be observed by two main symptoms: unexplained weight gain of up to +2 kg and "swelling" of the feet, calf and/or ankles (rare: in the hands, knees and/or abdomen). When touched, the swollen area is not stiff or painful.

Immediately before menstruation, women sometimes retain water for hormonal reasons: in addition to “swelling” and weight gain (between 500 grams and 2 kilograms), there is an unusual sensitivity of the breasts.

Water retention: how to avoid it?

Several reactions that are easy to adopt on a daily basis help to avoid water retention. The nutritional aspect, first, a diet low in salt (because salt contributes to water retention!) but rich in fiber and potassium (which are naturally diuretics): avoid industrially prepared dishes, appetizing crackers, charcuterie and focus more on fruits and vegetables.

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Tip 2: Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day - plain water or herbal tea are ideal. In fact, water retention can also occur due to a lack of daily hydration.

In terms of physical activity, sports that have a draining effect for the lower body are preferred: swimming, water games, water bikes ... Water sports are recommended . More realistically, avoid clothes that are too tight (tight jeans, for example) which can lead to circulation disorders.

Water Retention: Natural Solutions

Aromatherapy solution. Massage the affected areas with 1 drop of the essential oil of juniper (Juniperus communis L.) in 4 drops of vegetable oil, twice a day, until better. Warning: It is forbidden for pregnant and lactating women as well as people with kidney problems. source

Homeopathy solution. Take 5 pellets every evening from the two most appropriate treatments until you get better. Natrum Muriaticum 7 CH (if upper body weight loss and water retention are exacerbated by heat), Natrum Sulfuricum 9 CH (if water retention is exacerbated by moisture, in people who are shy

 and have a tendency to depression), Thuja 5 C (if the general effect and tendency to Warts), Arana Diadema 7 CH (in case of coldness, edema of the hands and arms), Graphite 5 CH (if physical activity chills, a tendency to obesity), Aristolochia 5 C (if edema of the extremities in especially before menstruation).


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