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Hiit: My must-do cardio program at home to lose weight

 Hiit: My must-do cardio program at home to lose weight

A combination of muscle-strengthening and cardio exercises, Hiit is a very effective way to lose weight and get slim all over! Find out what program to do at home and tips to improve your sessions.

Hiit: What is high intensity interval training?

Hiit, which stands for high-intensity interval training, refers to short, high-intensity interval training.

The goal of this training method is to work in a short way, so that it is as effective as possible during a given time. Hiit's password: intensity! During the session, we consume the maximum amount of energy (calories) in the least amount of time.

The goal is to turn on the "afterburn effect" mode, which is the consumption of calories that will continue after the exertion. If you put in enough intensity in a Hiit session, you'll still be burning calories after a few hours!

Hiit can be practiced in the gym, at home, and even outdoors. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to set up, as it does not necessarily require any specific equipment. You can easily schedule short sessions every two days in your schedule.

What does it mean to put intensity in your session? Contrary to what we often think, intensity doesn't necessarily mean sweating, but rather corresponds to a high heart rate (if you're breathing during exercise, it's because intensity is there!).

Also, the fact that the Hitt functional movements are used (ie the exercise will require several muscles at the same time) makes this practice very complete.

Does Hiit Make You Lose Weight?

In addition to the fact that Hiit saves time daily (you don't need to do 1-hour sessions to exercise!), and more regular exercise (it's easier to find 10 minutes in your day once every other day, 3 times just 1 hour a week...), it allows This training method gets visible results on the body fairly quickly.

High-intensity interval training is a good way to lose weight: by mixing cardio (to eliminate fat and prevent the appearance of cellulite) and toning (to strengthen muscles), we not only burn calories, we burn them as well. Body mass index (BMI).

Also, exercises that require different muscles, the result on the silhouette will be harmonious: upper body ( arms, shoulders, abs, etc.) and lower body ( glutes, thighs, calf, etc.), can be performed during the same short period High intensity session.

In short, the combination of building cardio and muscle is the best combination to maintain your body and get slim!

As a bonus, cardio exercises allow you to maintain your heart on a daily basis, and to prevent the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders.

Hiit: Weight loss session at home

Do you want to keep your streak or lose a few pounds? Allow 8 minutes of your top time in your day to perform this quick session at home without equipment! In just a few minutes, you'll be working out both your upper body and your lower body, and you'll be burning the maximum number of calories.

4 minutes of muscle strengthening:

Do 6 squats + plank: Stand, legs shoulder width apart, feet slightly outward. Lower your butt muscles by pushing them back and bending your legs. Once your thighs are parallel to the floor, lower your hands on the floor into a plank position (legs straight, arms straight with hands below shoulders). Then return to the starting position, before going back down again...

Repeat 6 times of the push-up or drop. Push (pump): In a plank position, legs are straight, arms extended with hands at shoulder level. Lower the bust on the floor, taking care to keep the legs aligned with the bust. Then with the strength of the arms, return to the starting position. Dips: Return to a chair or bench, place your hands on the edge, and keep a distance equal to shoulder width. Bend your knees, keeping your feet on the floor, and your toes slightly raised. Bend your arms slightly until your elbows are at shoulder height. Finally, push up and return to the starting position, arms extended.

Repeat 6-10 turns: lie down, raise your chest, remember to breathe well and contract the perineum. Return to the starting position, control the descent, and always think to breathe well.

Good coach tip: This muscle-strengthening sequence should be done non-stop (non-stop). Ideally, you should do 2 rounds, and up to 4 when training.

4 minutes of cardio:

Do 20 repetitions of brisk walking (on a treadmill or outdoors) or knee raises

Do 10 repetitions (20 for intermediate and advanced levels) for the mountain climber: in a plank position, hands under shoulders, arms and legs straight. Bring one leg at a time to your body, knee toward chest.

Do ten squats: As in a classic squat, start standing, legs shoulder-width apart, feet slightly open outward. Lower your buttocks by pushing them back and bending your legs, then immediately make a small jump to return to the starting position.

Good advice from the trainer: to increase the cardio, expend maximum energy, perform this sequence at least 3 times. If you don't run out, go ahead!

Hiit: A trainer's advice for losing weight

Start Slow: Wanting to do everything too quickly, always wanting to make the best and most difficult choice when starting is a bad idea. You risk losing motivation quickly, getting tired, and even hurting yourself...

Respect recovery times: Even if you want to lose weight fast, and you're super motivated, remember to recover between two sessions. You risk putting too much stress on your joints...

If you're lacking in motivation, especially when starting out, taking an athletic trainer or taking video lessons to correct and motivate them is a great way to start a virtuous circle.

Remember to diversify the exercises. It's good to have a routine, but it's also a good idea to vary the exercises and occasionally change the times of effort, so you don't get bored and the body doesn't get used to it (when you're comfortable, get out of your comfort zone!).

Watch out for jumps and spurs, especially if you are overweight, they are not good for your joints. Take it easy, you can pant without making a big jump!


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