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Herbal slimming tea: 11 doses to match when you want to lose weight

 Herbal slimming tea: 11 doses to match when you want to lose weight

A fat burner, detoxifier, antioxidant, appetite suppressant, or even a diuretic, these herbal slimming teas, to prepare at home, will give you a boost to shedding and losing extra pounds!

Herbal tea, made from roots, dried plants, spices, or even fresh fruits, can promote weight loss, provided it is combined with a balanced and varied diet, and regular physical activity. Naturopath Karen Raver-Rubel tells us what are the best infusions to prepare for a retouch!

Weight-loss batches: How do you make them allies for weight-loss?

"As part of a balanced diet, which includes plenty of vegetables and fruits, adequate protein and high-quality oils, herbal teas will help with certain processes." Karen Raver-Rubel explains.

The specialist explains that if the active ingredients are not highly concentrated in herbal teas, unlike some supplements or plant extracts, then consuming them is easy on a daily basis and can help the body in the search for weight loss.

To take advantage of the benefits of these infusions, herbal teas should be taken outside of meals, around 11 a.m. or 5 p.m., when cravings for snacks are strongest, for example.

In the case when looking to lose weight, the first virtue of herbal tea is to drink it hot, to fill the stomach with a liquid that does not contain calories, slowing down the desire to eat. "If the herbal tea you choose additionally helps drain, eliminate or burn fat, it's perfect!" , defines a naturopath.

But beware, drinking herbal tea will not make you lose weight as if by magic, you should consume these fluids as part of a balanced diet.

For this, Karen Raver-Rubel recalls the basic rules of a balanced diet:

Fill your plate with as many vegetables seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices as possible. Add a little olive oil or any other vegetable oil, but always organic (to avoid ingesting pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, etc., which are concentrated in fat).

Add protein (rather than poultry, fish, or eggs).

Add a portion of rice or quinoa, if desired.

Choose dark chocolate for dessert.

Bring fresh fruit in the 11am and 5pm break.

Avoid dairy products, refined sugars, red meat, fried foods and soft drinks that cause inflammation (this inflammation is a component of obesity).

And of course, getting regular physical activity will not only help you stay healthy, but also keep your body in shape.

Fat burning herbs to lose weight

As the natural remedy points out, some plants will have an effect on burning fat in the body, which is interesting when trying to lose a few pounds.

Cinnamon, which is a "spicy" spice, will speed up the metabolism, which is why it is called a fat burner. It helps the body burn its reserves and, above all, helps control the level of sugar in the blood that is responsible for storage.

Licorice has a saturating effect. It's great for the digestive system, helps cleanse bad bacteria, and supports the immune system.

Mint will boost your metabolism.

Turmeric has many advantages: As an antioxidant, it plays a role in supporting and draining the liver. Through its effect on the liver, by making fats soluble and excreted via bile, it has a fat burning effect. “If only one plant had to be kept, it would be turmeric!” , defines a naturopath.

Rosemary herbal tea, infusion of cherry stems to purify

Rosemary and cherry herbs can be taken as an infusion, to give a boost.

Rosemary will have an effect on the liver, it will promote its elimination and increase the feeling of satiety.

Cherry tails are diuretic, such as black currant, dandelion, birch, meadowsweet, nettle, etc. These plants help to cleanse stagnant water in tissues such as cellulite in particular. They participate in the drainage and are therefore very favorable for slimming. In parallel with swimming sessions, it will be especially effective for people who suffer from water retention.

Green tea or black tea to lose weight?

The tea can also help when trying to lose weight. But between green tea and black tea, which one to choose?

Green tea

Theine and catechins in green tea form an interesting complex of powerful antioxidants, which are involved in weight loss, but also in the fight against cancer, atherosclerosis, etc.

black tea

According to an American study, black tea can help with weight loss (work published by researchers at UCLA in 2017). Thanks to polyphenols, which act as antibiotics, consuming black tea will be just as effective as a low-fat diet...

Be careful, you should not consume tea in excess, it is a powerful stimulant, just like caffeine!

Good to know: The bitter taste will reduce sugar cravings. Hence the coffee that often marks the end of a meal. This is why the Japanese consume bitter green tea during the meal. Mate also has the virtue of suppressing appetite.


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