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Gap thighs: 10 exercises to remove inner thighs

 Gap thighs: 10 exercises to remove inner thighs

Thighs are one part of the body that is often a complex subject...And the thigh gap, the empty space between the thighs, is sought after by many women in search of more refined legs. Discover our tips and exercises for losing the inner thighs.

Thigh Gap: What is it?

The thigh gap refers to the space between your thighs when standing with your legs closed. As with love handles or saddlebags, the inner thighs are a complication for many women, because fat often remains in this area...

Often the goal of dieting and resuming sports is the opportunity to notice the development of this gap between the thighs, which is a sign that the legs, especially the thighs, are becoming thinner ...

How is a thigh gap obtained? Diet and physical activity...

To have a thigh gap, i.e. empty space between your thighs, is no secret to anyone: you have to adopt a better lifestyle, combining a balanced diet with very regular exercise.

Targeted muscle-strengthening movements will already allow you to lose thighs, but such physical efforts must necessarily be accompanied by a healthy and varied diet!

the key of success? regularity! Doing daily physical activity, combining calorie-burning cardio and muscle-strengthening exercises to tone and refine your silhouette, will allow you to get that famous thigh gap!

At the same time, doing a physical activity that you enjoy will be a real plus! Do you like swimming Use your legs, equipping yourself with small fins, alternating between different types of strokes, to lose weight in a harmonious way. Do you prefer running? Try splitting, a technique that involves alternating intense sequences and moments of active recovery, to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. Your thing is rather cycling? Don't deny yourself that, and ride as fast as you can to work on your calf, but also your thighs.

On a daily basis, a few small changes in habits can make a difference: we take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off early from a bus or metro station when we get home in the evening and finish our journey on foot, take the highest city bike for day trips...

Skipping rope to burn calories

If you want to lose your inner thighs, there is an accessory that can help's a jump rope! Doing a little bit of exercise every day, in addition to daily physical activity, is a plus for improving your thighs, thus increasing your chances of hitting the "thighs gap". In addition to stimulating the thighs, the jump rope will increase the core and allow more oxygen to the muscles.

10 exercises to get a gap in the thighs

It is possible to lose weight on the inside of the thighs, by setting up a small daily fitness routine, consisting of targeted muscle-strengthening exercises and more cardio, in order to sweat.

Squats, knee raises, plank, jump jack, or even chair are exercises that are easy to do at home, don't require any particular equipment and can help you lose muscle from the inside. .

Athletic challenges to do over the course of a month are a good way to motivate yourself and quickly see the results on the silhouette:

  • 30 day slot challenge
  • 30-Day Sheathing Challenge
  • 30 day burpee program
  • 30 Day Knee Climbing Challenge... the choice is yours!
  • Warm up and stretch

Note that the inner thigh routine should ideally begin with a warm-up and end with a gentle and proper stretch.

For the warm-up, you can jog immediately, at a normal pace for 1 minute, then for 2 minutes you can alternate 20 seconds of heel-buttocks (still on the spot), 20 seconds of sprinting, 20 seconds of lifting the knees...

At the end of the session, plan to return to calm, taking the time to stretch gently. Sit down, on the floor on your mat, stretch your legs that remain closed, and try to stretch, getting as close as possible to your feet. Hold this position for 20 seconds, then do the same with your legs apart. Remember to inhale and exhale well to facilitate stretching. Be careful not to go beyond feeling uncomfortable, we always practice stretching gently...

Slimming Inner Thighs: Make Sure You Don't Get Obsessed!

If eating a balanced diet, starting a diet or returning to sports is a good way to reduce and improve your body size, it should not become an obsession, at risk of putting your health at risk...

And some teenage girls or young women make a thigh gap, this desirable space between the thighs, a goal in itself... Beware the danger! A serious slimming challenge conquered social media networks a few years ago and represented the largest possible gap between the thighs, proudly displayed on Instagram.


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