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Foods to lose weight: what to eat to lose weight?

 Foods to lose weight: what to eat to lose weight?

Foods that make you lose weight determine a group of foods whose nutritional qualities promote weight loss when incorporated into a varied diet. What are these foods that really make you lose weight?

Among all the weight-loss methods whose rhetoric is often contradictory, it is not always easy to separate truth from false. In this article, find out what you should eat to lose weight sustainably and healthily.

What foods make you lose weight?

First of all, it is very important to stress that there is no miracle food. In other words, no food alone will allow you to lose weight. However, some foods are known to promote weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight when included in a varied diet.

To lose weight, your daily energy intake should be slightly less than your daily energy intake. For this, it is not necessary to eat less, but above all to eat ... better! Eating better is relatively simple when you realize the energy density of food.

What is energy density?

Energy density is the amount of calories that are supplied to one gram of food. The lower the energy density, the greater the volume of food required to reach a certain number of calories. For example, you have to consume a lot of cucumbers to reach 100 calories. On the contrary, a few grams of cookies are enough to reach 100 calories.

Based on this principle, foods that make you lose weight are considered to be foods with a lower energy density. In fact, in addition to being a source of micronutrients, it allows you to get full quickly for fewer calories. As a result, they naturally promote weight loss.

What are the foods with low energy density to lose weight?

And to lose weight, there is no longer a secret: you have to resort to foods with a lower energy density. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these foods to help you make the right choices:

raw vegetables


cooked vegetables;

low-fat dairy products;

lean meat;



All grains.

Be careful, some foods have a high energy density, but they should be incorporated into the daily diet due to their essential contribution of high quality nutrients. This is particularly the case for vegetable and oilseed oils.

What do you eat to lose weight? Example with a typical slate day

A typical day includes foods that make you lose weight


green tea or coffee

Oat bran and almond muesli

Soy milk

Homemade compote


Green salad

Mini sandwich with chicken and guacamole

Plain Yogurt With Honey


Green tea

seasonal fruit

A handful of oilseeds

having dinner

Seasonal vegetable soup

Citrus fish fillet

whole rice

White cheese with red fruit

Chicken and guacamole mini sandwich recipe

Ingredients for one person

50 gm whole or grain bread

100gm cooked chicken breast

1/2 avocado

20 grams fresh square

3 black olives

Few lettuce leaves

juice of half a lemon

salt pepper


First, to make this recipe, start by crushing an avocado with a fresh square and lemon juice. Salt and pepper to your liking.

Next, cut the cooked chicken into thin slices. If necessary, you can choose turkey meat.

Finally, on a slice of whole wheat bread, place the guacamole, chicken, and black olives cut into pieces. We finish with a few lettuce leaves and a second slice of bread. it's ready.

What foods make you fat?

The foods to avoid for weight loss are those that are high in energy density. In fact, these foods often provide few nutrients and many calories for a low volume. Therefore, it does not allow for rapid satiety or weight loss.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of foods that make you fat if eaten regularly and/or in very large amounts:

sugar ;

Sweet products: biscuits, spreads, pastries, cakes, artificial cereals, etc. ;

Fatty and fried products.

Fatty meat and charcuterie.

Cheese, butter and whole cream.

Refined grains and white bread.

industrial powders and manufactured preparations;

Soft drinks and juices.


Fast food.

Other tips to lose weight permanently

In addition to the nature of foods that are included in the diet, certain habits must be followed or, conversely, they must be lost in order to lose weight. Either because it disrupts the body's rhythm, or because it has a direct effect on the daily energy intake.

Here are some tips for sustainable and healthy weight loss:

Eat slowly and calmly and take the time to chew well;

Don't miss the meal;

maintain adequate water intake, at least 1.5 liters of water per day;

Always prefer seasonal and fresh plants;

prefer whole grains and foods;

Avoid sugar and salt, and prefer natural sweeteners and spices to impart flavour.

Systematically include a good portion of raw vegetables or cooked vegetables in each meal;

Prefer simple cooking at home and avoid buying ready meals.


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