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Fondue, raclette, tartlet: 3 nutrition tips to brighten up these dishes without depriving yourself too much

 Fondue, raclette, tartlet: 3 nutrition tips to brighten up these dishes without depriving yourself too much

When the temperatures drop, we find comfort in a raclette, fondue, or even a tartlet. Small cons: These dishes are high in calories. But how do you have fun without feeling guilty when you keep an eye on your streak? Dietitian and nutrition expert Laura Tagan gives her advice on how to brighten up these three dishes or choose the fewest calories.

Every year, at the same time, the same scenario. When winter comes, we want to warm up with hot meals. We drink hot chocolate or tea. In terms of dishes, we turn to vegetable soup, beef bourguignon or pot-au-feeux. Among the main dishes in the cold seasons, there are also three types of cheese: raclette, tartlet and fondue.

In addition to calming us down, they allow us to spend a pleasant moment with friends or family. Although these delicious recipes lift our spirits, they can also make us gain weight because these cheese dishes are rich in calories. But do not panic, it can still be tasted without depriving yourself too much. All you have to do is lighten it while preserving its flavor thanks to simple tricks.

Meat fondue, raclette or tartlet

Usually, these three comfort foods come with cold cuts. Although the charcuterie cheese blend is delicious, it's a calorie bombshell. As proof: Raclette cheese, for example, has 342 calories per 100 grams, and charcuterie has about 238 calories per 100 grams, according to Ciqual.

To tone it down and curb weight gain, dietitian and expert nutritionist Laura Tagan recommends swapping out shrimp and dry sausage for shrimp. "The combination of cheese and shrimp is not that popular. However, you can grill the shrimp and eat it without mixing it. In this case, you put the cheese on the potatoes only," she says.

Another tip: fall in love with an egg. "You can cook the eggs on the grill or in a raclette like a fried egg. This reduces the number of calories in the dish without making it any less flavorful," explains the nutritionist.

Fondue, raclette, tartlet: choose a lower calorie charcuterie

If raclette, fondue or tartlet without charcuterie is unthinkable, then it is recommended to give preference to fat-free charcuterie, that is, lighter and less calorie. Charcuterie lovers can opt for the Cuban, lean dried ham, Grison ham, bresaola, or cooked ham. This will make the meal less calorie, less salty, and less greasy.

Take a raclette, fondue or tartlet with the greenery

In terms of accompaniment, it's best to bet on vegetables. Laura Tajan recommends enjoying these dishes with a green salad and a light vinaigrette. The dietitian explains that "vegetables are rich in fiber, and therefore they allow you to be full. The result: we avoid refilling, which makes it possible to limit weight gain" .

Fondue, raclette, tartlet: What about cheese?

"We don't touch the cheese," says the nutritionist. To soften these three dishes, some choose mozzarella or goat cheese, but according to Laura Tagan, it's best not to substitute cheese. "We don't eat these dishes every night, so you have to pamper yourself occasionally, even if you're watching your figure. To choose, it's best to forget charcuterie instead of cheese. Otherwise, you might not eat fondue or raclette," she explains.

Fondue, raclette, tartlet: which of these dishes has the least calories?

It's no secret that these cheese dishes are rich in calories. However, one of them is lower than the others. “Fondo and raclette are the most caloric because the amount of cheese consumed is greater. In addition, we tend to refill ourselves more. Tartiflet remains the lowest calorie of the three dishes because it has less cheese and has a lot of potatoes which will have a satiating effect,” Laura identifies Tagan.


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