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Flat Stomach: What Should You Eat to Get Empty Fast? Our modified lists

 Flat Stomach: What Should You Eat to Get Empty Fast? Our modified lists

A small round abdomen reflects localized weight gain or gastrointestinal disorders. It can be erased by betting on anti-inflation foods.

To erase a small, round tummy, there is no need to start an extreme diet before summer, risking losing your muscles and your beautiful feminine shapes. In addition to targeted daily exercises, you should review your diet: eliminate fast sugars (sweets, pastries ...) and snack between meals, boost vegetables rich in soft fiber, prebiotics ... Here are three lists that you can take inspiration from depending on your problem.

Constipation: Take care of your microbes

Good transit list: dandelion vinegar with 1 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil + semi-finished pasta (150g cooked) bolognese (100g minced meat, 1 teaspoon olive oil, tomato cole) + 1 bifidus yogurt + pear/plum compote (100g) = 685 calories.

Why it's good: Whole-grain pasta and pears are rich in insoluble fiber and are the most effective in combating constipation. Dandelion provides prebiotic polysaccharides that improve transit through their effect on the balance of microorganisms. Having Bifidus fermented milk every day gives a boost. A source of sorbitol, it has a laxative effect.

Bloating after meals? fiber reinforcement

Anti-bloating list: beetroot sauce with 1 tbsp. tablespoons walnut oil + bell pepper salmon fillet (120 g) and leek fondue (1 tsp olive oil) + 2 steamed potatoes (150 g) + 1 yogurt + 1 orange = 670 calories.

Why it's good: To prevent bloating, you have to act on its various causes. Beets, white leeks, and potatoes contain fine fiber (pectin), which prevents constipation without irritation. Walnut oil and salmon provide omega-3, which is good against stress. Thanks to its fermentation, yogurt is easy to digest. Free of FODMAPs (the fermentable sugars in the colon), oranges are well tolerated in case of IBS.

Abdominal storage: limit sugars

My flat stomach menu: grilled chicken breast (120g) + broad beans (150g), carrots and steamed cauliflower florets with 1 tbsp. tablespoons of walnut oil + 1 plain soy + strawberry (150 g) with lemon and basil = 540 calories.

Why it's good: We choose low GI menus (which don't raise blood sugar levels too much) in order to reduce the secretion of insulin, which promotes storage around the abdomen. We limit sugars (strawberries provide only 6%), and boost fiber (beans, vegetables, strawberries) and proteins (chicken, beans, soy candy). A higher protein intake (45 g) also improves satiety and prevents snacking. Calorie intake is controlled by limiting fat (lean meat, cooking without fat).


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