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Flat stomach: Top 5 abs exercises to use without equipment

 Flat stomach: Top 5 abs exercises to use without equipment

Chocolate bars, slim waist.. Do you dream of a flat belly? It is possible with these exercises that target the abdominal muscles, that they can be performed without equipment at home, and the advice of our gym trainer Lucas Pauthier to improve your size.

These exercises without equipment, which you can do at home, will allow you to have a flat stomach (provided that you are regular and follow a balanced diet, of course ...).

5 abs exercises without equipment

Exercise 1: Crisis

The pushup exercise, also called the "spinal twist", is an easy-to-perform muscle-strengthening exercise:

Lie on your back with your legs bent, feet hip-width apart.

Bring your heels as close to your buttocks as possible and place your hands on your temples.

On exhalation, come back up by taking the shoulders off the floor and keeping the chin away from the chest so as not to pull on the cervix.

Good tip: even if you don't feel like you're going with a high level of movement, it doesn't matter, perform this exercise gently and without particularly forcing your neck!

With a little experience, you can get into sit-ups (it actually develops the crunch). In this exercise, the feet are on the floor, as for the abdominal squash. Lift your torso completely off the floor, keeping your arms extended by your ears. There is a greater amplitude of movement, so the muscles are called in more.

Exercise 2: Raising the pelvis with straight legs

Lie on your back with your hands on the floor on either side of your pelvis.

Make sure your lower back (lower back) is firmly in the ground (to do this, bring your knees closer to your chest).

Lift your butt off the floor as you exhale and bring your knees toward your chest (without squeezing your hands!).

The legs are either semi-straight or straight.

Inhale when landing with good control.

Exercise 3: a Russian twist

Sit on your mat, heels on the floor or feet (a more difficult version, as they are more stable).

Turn the bust from right to left, put your hands on the floor on both sides.

The gaze accompanies the hands, and the bust and head follow the movement.

Good tip: don't go too fast! The idea is to feel the movement well, and take the time to inhale and exhale with each lap (inhale in the middle, exhale on the sides).

Exercise 4: mountain climber

On a mat, place your hands below your shoulders and arms straight.

Legs stretch while you are on tip toes.

Bring one leg at a time to your body, knee toward chest.

Good tip: straighten your leg well before starting with the other leg, and go slowly to control the movement and perform it correctly.

Exercise 5: The Kiswa

Get into a plank position, on your knees (for beginners) or on your toes.

Rest on the forearms, elbows below the shoulders, join your hands if you wish.

Rotate your lower back slightly, sucking at your navel, and hold in this position.

Good tip: in sheathing, do not go into apnea! We breathe calmly, always trying to suck our navel well.

What is the most effective exercise for the abdominal muscles?

If we had to do just one exercise to work the abs and try to get the famous chocolate bars, we'd choose the packaging. In fact, the classic cover (facing the floor) is very effective in slimming the waist and maintaining a flat stomach: this exercise will primarily require the transverse muscles, which specifically allow the effect of the "flat stomach", because it comes above all other abdominal muscles! In a way, it is about "processing" the muscles and viscera located at the level of this area.

The advantage is that it can be performed on the knees as well as on outstretched legs, providing an interesting margin for progression when starting out.

Good tip: Padded position is important, to optimize benefits and to avoid the risks of back pain or injury. If you are a beginner, the ideal is to position yourself in front of a mirror, in order to check and adjust your posture if necessary (the head is in cervical and vertebral alignment, the lower back is slightly rounded by inhaling the navel towards the spine). And if you don't have a mirror available, you can also photograph yourself with your smartphone!

Also remember to engage the abdominal girdle correctly during sheathing, and avoid raising the pelvis too much, because in this case, you will only be touching the shoulders!

How long should it last? The duration of the cladding will depend on your level. But start by setting a goal of 30 seconds, then gradually increase your time.

How to build abdominal muscles quickly at home?

This typical session of about 25 minutes, consisting of 2 small circuits, is performed at home ideally 3 times a week (every other day, with a day off).

Route 1

15 squats or sit-ups (advanced level)

20 iterations of Russian development

15 reps of the leg pelvic stretch

Trainer tip: These exercises should be chained without rest. Repeat this circuit 4 times, with 1 minute of recovery at the end of each round. Then go to Circle 2.

Route 2

15 Mountain Climber Repetitions (Take Your Time!)

30 seconds to 1 minute of dozing (on the knees or on the tips of the toes, with the abdominal muscles well engaged)

Trainer tip: Perform the second round 4 times, with a one minute break between each round.

Abs exercises: mistakes to avoid to improve your session

Desire to go very quickly. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity: No need to move forward too quickly or make maximum moves in the least amount of time! The goal is to perform each exercise correctly, without injuring yourself, and to go into the range of motion.

Skip your breath. Remember to breathe well during each exercise: in muscle-strengthening exercises, you exhale during the effort, and continue to breathe regularly during the squat).

neglect your posture. As we have seen above, the posture adopted while performing these exercises is very important to enjoy the benefits and avoid injuries. To correct yourself, look in the mirror.

Recovery is not respected. The moments of recovery are just as important as the moments of effort when you want to take care of your body. Therefore, we respect the days off, and do not force the aches. If you feel pain, stop exercising and consult with a specialist.


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