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Flat Stomach: Michele Sims' 3 Abdominal Strengthening Exercises

 Flat Stomach: Michele Sims' 3 Abdominal Strengthening Exercises

In the new episode of his show It's So Much Better, on RTL, Michel Cymes presents three abdominal-strengthening exercises. And according to the doctor, the benefits will not only be physical.

With summer approaching, some may want to exercise. But the work of your body, especially your abdominal muscles, should be "a constant concern," according to Michael Symes. On his show Ça va bien mieux, which airs on RTL, the doctor gives all his tips for strengthening your abdominal girdle.

Abdominals: Michele Symes' 3 Strengthening Exercises

He suggests some quick and easy exercises that can be done anywhere.


First of all, Michael Symes suggests reviewing his classics using the famous cover. So we put ourselves on a rug on the floor and jump, taking a plank position, balancing on the forearms and on tiptoes. The body should be as straight as possible:

  1. Plank for 30 seconds
  2. Rewind for 20 seconds
  3. Repeat this sequence 10 times in a row

Michel Cymes recommends doing this exercise every day, so you can quickly see results.

in the street

For those who aren't very motivated by the idea of ​​sheathing, Michel Cymes offers to work your abs by simply walking around. He says, "When we walk, we try to insert our stomachs." So here's how to do it:

  • take a deep breath
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds
  • exhale sharply
  • Repeat this exercise several times in a row.

at work

Finally, it is quite possible to strengthen the abdominal girdle at work. To do this, sit down and then:

Raise your knees so that your feet are off the ground

Hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax

Repeat this for 2-3 minutes

All of these exercises aim to build abdominal muscles. If you do it right and above all regularly, you will definitely notice physical changes. However, Michael Symes has specified that the interior of the body will also work.

Strengthening the abdominal belt has many benefits

The abdominal muscles are "a group of four muscles", as the specialist defines, before adding that they are not only there for pure aesthetics: they also make it possible to "preserve the organs of the digestive system". Obviously, if you do not exercise your abdominal muscles, you are exposing yourself to digestive disorders such as constipation or even colon irritation.

Michael Symes insists that "the complete balance between the front and back of the body is called into question". Not strengthening your abdominal belt regularly can lead to lower back pain and even affect your ability to breathe. So, get to work!


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