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Flat stomach: the best tips to get rid of the abdomen quickly

 Flat stomach: the best tips to get rid of the abdomen quickly

We all dream of having an extra flat stomach like Shakira's Pumbaa! To dump fissa without a dry diet, follow our great diet, fitness, and beauty tips. Guaranteed results for the most diligence!

Eat at regular times to have a flat stomach

Skipping a meal or waiting too long before eating causes low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia). The ransom is driving... and snacking with fat storage. To avoid slips and maintain a flat stomach, you should set a framework based on three meals a day, each of which includes satiating proteins. But if you have pads after a meal (digestive heaviness, feeling overflowing or swollen), it's in your best interest to split the food intake by planning a snack. The idea: Avoid eating too much food in the stomach at the same time. Be careful, we are not adding a snack but we are incorporating it into our daily calorie intake!

The right snack: it's protein + carbs with fiber. Examples: 1 fruit + nuts. Want some sweetness? Limit the damage by choosing half a chocolate bar plus 1 cup of milk or 1 apple or 2 brown rice cakes + 30 grams of 20% egg white • 1 slice of rye bread + 15 grams of butter • 1 orange + 1 or 2 plain yogurt + 1 tbsp. c. Oatmeal skin care. Other tips and equations in The Big Book of Food, Dr. Lawrence Blume, Eyrolles ed.

Physical activity: the secret to maintaining a flat stomach

To lose your belly, it is not enough to review your plate. You also have to move. The easiest way, when you're not an athlete at heart, is to walk. The goal is to encourage the body to burn calories and convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy rather than fat reserves. It works... as long as you put the turbo on! Adopting a fast pace (7 to 9.5 km/h), you are exhaling approximately 300 calories per hour instead of 200! Even if the norm is 30 minutes a day, you can divide the walk into 2 sessions of 15 minutes, or up to 3 sessions every 10 minutes.

And to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the belt that strengthens your stomach thanks to the electrodes is why not. As much as we do "real" sports and also limit fats, sugar etc... It's a targeted action that can pay off in the long run. The right session: 20 minutes a day for 3 to 4 weeks to start seeing a toning effect on your little tummy. Top: Slendertone Connect Abs Belt, which provides targeted toning and access to Abdocure, a full 6-week program developed by trainer Gady. In the program: exercises to improve the effects of electrical stimulation and nutrition tips with examples of meals to gently review your diet.

Flat stomach: choose anti-bloating foods

To lose weight, it is always better to bite into an apple than to eat a box of cookies. On that, we agree. But there are fibers and sugars (fructose, sorbitol) in the fruit, the excess of which can ferment in the intestines. It's also a calorie contribution that you don't forget to count. We avoid the largest suppliers (bananas, cherries, lychees, mangoes, grapes, pineapples, etc.) in favor of the less sugary ones, which are about 50 calories per 100 grams: citrus, kiwi, red fruits, etc. Or cooked fruit is more digestible because the fiber is broken down by cooking.

A good serving of fruit is: 1 clementine or 1 kiwi in the morning, 1 fresh fruit salad in the afternoon, 1 apple or 1 compote as a snack.

Wrong friends: fruit juices because a liter contains 600 kcal and about 100 grams of sugar. Smoothies quickly rise to 400 to 500 calories per liter! And take it simple with dried fruit: One handful of raisins equals 50 calories, which is equal to 2 sugars.

A priori, eating vegetables is great for the streak since they contain almost 90% water. If we didn't drown them in the sauce, it would be about 100 calories per dish. However, they can also swell the abdomen and cause small, not-so-great problems. Of course we prefer them to lose weight but we choose the least fermented in the intestines: spinach, zucchini, green and yellow beans, carrots, eggplant, lettuce, turnip, peppers ... Avoid: the cabbage group.

Prefer cooked. Watch out for raw vegetable salad. Because of the irritating fiber, raw vegetables can interfere with digestion. Tips: Eat it in small quantities, with a little starch (rice, potatoes, pasta) or at the end of the meal. Grated raw vegetables are also more digestible because their fibers are split. She also prefers peeled and seeded tomatoes, green beans without strings...etc...and of course, pissed off at the sauce!

Special mention for black radish: rich in sulfur compounds, this little vegetable stimulates bile production and intestinal contractions. We understand why its consumption encourages transit! And in terms of calories, black radish is quite poor: 18 kcal per 100 g. To enjoy sliced ​​or grated but also cooked like kale as an accompaniment to meat or fish! Or in a drink mixed with carrot juice to improve the taste 15 minutes before a meal. Or in the form of capsules (Arkocaps Arkopharma, Elusanes Naturactive…). Also digestive system: artichoke.

Gently increase the fiber for a flat stomach

According to health experts, we should double our fiber intake and increase it to 30 grams per day. Because it is good for transit and slimming (it creates volume in the stomach and finally makes satiety), but also for balancing the intestinal flora. This is necessary because studies have shown that its imbalance is a factor in weight gain! It's easy to increase your portion: replace refined products with brown rice or wholemeal pasta, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and add oat bran or ground flaxseeds to yogurt. But be careful, it should not be increased quickly, otherwise you will get a stomach ache. No more than 5 grams of extra fiber per week.

5 g of fiber = 2 fruits (125 g), 1 cup of vegetables (160 g), 35 g of oat bran, 15 g of ground flaxseed, 85 g of prunes, 205 g of brown rice or 145 g of quinoa.

If whole foods are recommended, beware of overdosing because the seeds of the grain have not been crushed. The cellulose sheath surrounding them can irritate the intestinal wall. If you're bloated, replace your morning cereal bread with wholemeal, spelt, or bran bread. And grill it, it will just be more digestible

And in the case of slow transit, get the plum reaction. This great classic anti-constipation remedy is a natural remedy. Of all the dried fruits, it is the richest in fiber (15 per 100 grams) and also contains a component with laxative properties (phenylacetate). Hence the advice to eat 3 or 4 large prunes a day to calm your stomach.

Slimming Proteins, My Flat Stomach's Allies

Poultry (chicken and turkey) contains lean protein. Advantages ? They increase muscle mass, which takes a lot of energy, requires a high calorie burn to be absorbed, and provides long-lasting satiation. Obviously, we forget about the skin (too bad!) because all the fat is concentrated there! These friendly proteins are also found in white pork, ham, veal, veal, rabbit, white fish, or even tofu, and even semi-skimmed or skimmed dairy products. The trick: Build each meal (including breakfast!) around a 20g portion of protein (= a quarter of your daily requirement).

20g of animal protein = 87g of chicken breast, 80g of turkey breast, canned natural tuna, 143g of white fish, or 125g of white pork.

Also consider plant proteins: this is the new hobby of nutritionists because they are very useful for slimming. Take soybean steak: it is rich in protein and low in fat, and it can easily replace meat. But if you're not interested in soy, tofu, and company, you can turn to the fleet of whole grains and legumes that have the advantage of providing fiber and very filling, thus reducing cravings for snacks.

20 grams of vegetable protein = 167 grams of tofu or 76 grams of seitan (wheat protein food) or 33 grams of spirulina (seaweed) or 185 grams of edamame (fresh soybeans) or 3 eggs or 235 grams of lentils

Track Gluten and Lactose for Abdominal Loss

It's a trend...but it's also a reality. There is more and more talk of a "hypersensitivity" to wheat protein that may affect many more people than true allergies. If your stomach is not good, reduce or stop products containing wheat (white bread, pastries ...) in favor of those made from cornmeal, soybeans, buckwheat ... and see if they improve. And the preferred combinations of gluten-free bread, pasta, and biscuits... which can now be easily found in supermarkets. And know that labels that mention wheat, rye, spelt, barley, rye, starch, modified starch, and starches mean hidden gluten!

More and more people are complaining about poor digestion of cow's milk. the reason ? Natural sugar, lactose, ferments in the colon, causes gas, bloating, indigestion ... Try vegetable drinks (soybeans, almonds, hazelnuts, rice, chestnuts ...). Delicious for drinking but also for cooking desserts for example. Its pros: It's lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and also low in saturated fat—the ones you should be limiting when you want to lose weight.

Drink more water to fight water retention

In the case of water retention, we tend not to drink enough water. But to flush out the extra water, you have to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day in order to get rid of the waste products that clog the body and prevent it from working properly, and digesting well ... If you are prone to headaches, it is better to drink between meals half an hour before or after. Totally 1.5 liters per day, or 6 to 8 cups starting at breakfast to wake up the digestive system. Choose water rich in magnesium sulfate with a slightly laxative strength, such as Hepar. Avoid drinking too cold or with a straw. And avoid flavored water! 1 liter can contain up to 10 sugars!

Tip 1: Sip star anise: Also called star anise, this grandmother's remedy naturally relieves gargling. Drink this herbal tea after each meal, 1 star anise for a cup.

Homemade Infusion: Heat the water to a boil, then pour it over the stars. Leave it to soak for 10 minutes. For retail sale in pharmacies or organic stores.

Ready mix: star anise + mint + anise + verbena. This organic infusion does not contain any artificial flavor enhancers or colorings. The plants are packaged in freshness bags devoid of staples. "Organic infusion after the meal" Bages: 20 bags 3.00 € in the supermarket

Reducing sugars and salt for belly loss

The enemies of the streak are the fast sugars that increase the level of sugar in the blood, which leads to a spike in insulin which enhances storage, and thus weight gain. When you want to lose weight, the best thing is to limit yourself to the equivalent of 2 to 3 sugars per day. 1 sugar = 5 g = 20 calories. 1 c. in s. Powdered sugar = 40 kcal. It's easy to get rid of the ones you add to your coffee, tea, yogurt...even if that means replacing them with a bit of stevia. It's hard to control those hidden in revenue. Start by reading the labels: the more the word "sugar" appears at the top of the list of ingredients, the more!

To keep your accounts, here are some guidelines:

1 pain chocolate or 1 slice of cake or 1 bowl of breakfast cereal (80 g) = 2 to 3 sugars

1 fruit yogurt or 1 tablespoon jam or honey or 1 teaspoon hazelnut = 2 sugars

1 light compote (100 g) or biscuits or 2 chocolate squares (10 g) or 1 dessert or 1 scoop of sorbet = 1 sugar

As for salt, it is the sworn enemy of water retention. It retains it in the tissues, thus preventing its elimination. The result: our body is a hot air balloon. First reactions: No salt shakers at the table. Say goodbye to cold cuts, cheese, crackers, spices and ready-made sauces. Like sugar, hidden salt remains the most harmful. To give flavor, we retreat from spices and herbs. You can try "false salt," where

 potassium chloride replaces sodium chloride (pharmacy and health food store) or low-fat salt, which is a mixture of salt and aromatics (at the supermarket). Light products, such as pork with less than 25% salt, also allow for small savings. Standard: Do not exceed 4 to 5 g, which is equivalent to dividing by 2 its usual consumption.

There is 1 gram of salt in: 1 pinch of salt or 1/3 of a baguette or 30g of cheese or a slice of sausage or ham or 100g of pizza or quiche or 1 bowl of store-bought soup or 1 juice of a tomato (200ml).

False friends: butter cookies or dry crackers. Yes, even sweet foods contain salt! Sparkling waters that are very rich in sodium such as St Yorre, Vichy Celestin and Arvie.

Betting on good fats for a flat stomach

A fatty dish is heavy on digestion and “feeds” the fat cells. However, you should not completely eliminate fats, but you should choose the best ones, those in rapeseed and walnut oils, walnuts, flaxseeds, and fatty fish. Furthermore, the ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety) has revised the Recommended Dietary Intake (ANC) to the highest: now, fat can amount to 35-40% of daily calories.

Good guidelines: do not exceed 2 c. in s. of oil per day or 10 grams of butter. No more than two servings of sauce per week. 15% light cream for cooking 3 slices of sausage is like eating 10 grams of butter. One handful of oilseeds provides 100 to 120 calories, the equivalent of 1 tablespoon. in s. of oil.

But this is not a reason for sad cooking. Of course you have to avoid fried foods that make you gain your stomach or thighs. On the contrary, steaming is not only a good thing when you want to eat light food. Boiled, stewed, baked, papaya, with plenty of herbs, double the cooking methods in order to break the diet routine.

Pamper your gut bacteria to lose belly

Yes to probiotics. These friendly bacteria that fill our intestinal flora and improve digestion wish us well! Several studies have shown that it not only helps to find a flat stomach, but also to positively modulate the absorption of certain nutrients, especially fats. To enhance the flora one consumes once daily natural yoghurt with bifidus, with Lactobacillus box i or equivalent and makes one from time to time a treat for the nutritional supplement.

And against stomach disorders, dill is an effective aromatic plant. Since it is very fragrant, it also allows you to forget about the salt. Perfect with somewhat bland white fish such as pollock or cod. More exotic, try it in cereal with fried prawns...

For a quick, light starter, mix 2 sour creamy natural yogurt with 1 tbsp. in s. mustard and 3 tbsp. in s. chopped dill Add 2 cubes of cucumber. pepper.

Also useful for digestion: chives, thyme, basil, tarragon, mint, bay leaf ...

Flat stomach: It is best to eat starchy foods in moderation

Pasta, rice, semolina, potatoes, pulses... Starchy foods are a major source of complex carbohydrates for satiety, long-lasting energy and pleasure. But it must be chewed well, otherwise the starch is poorly absorbed, which leads to fermentation of the intestine. Also pay attention to the quantities. A starch dish

 provides an average of 250 calories, or 40g of carbohydrates as half a baguette. For smaller portions, pair them with vegetables at every meal. Cook vegetables to taste + 2 tbsp. in s. of starchy foods enough to prevent hunger between meals. We do not drown them in butter, sauce, grated ... But we cook them over low heat with tomatoes, onions and herbs ...

Learn how to manage stress

We know from experience that our stomachs handle stress! Explanation: the gut behaves like the brain. It contains more than a hundred million neurons and is in direct contact with our emotions. All it takes is an emotional grain of sand to kick out the digestive process. So managing stress is just as important as correcting your diet. Yoga, psorology, meditation, relaxation... There is no better solution than another. It is up to you to choose an activity that you feel in tune with, and most of all, that you find enough motivation to do at least once a week.

The key to a flat stomach is to breathe well. Try this exercise that works the deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse muscle, the one that flattens the stomach and defines the waist. Lie on your back, knees slightly bent, one hand on the lower abdomen below the navel. Inhale and expand the abdomen. For this, push the air towards the lower abdomen. You should feel your hand rise as the abdomen fills with air. Exhale without jerks, slowly. You should feel your hand go down as your stomach empties. Exhale completely until your stomach flattens. Repeat about ten times, extending the duration of the inhale and exhale. Practice for 5 minutes a few times a week.

Seated Roll: Massage Your Belly Like a Pro

The key to a beautiful belly? Massage firmly and regularly, every day, morning and evening if possible, with a product with a high caffeine content that burns fat (eg Perkotafen, Elancil, etc.). No tiny taste buds, we release! Start massaging yourself in circular motions to warm the skin. Continue small palpation and rolling, moving the skin more than one centimeter. Gradually increase the finger pressure and the length of the massage. Grab a small pill and place your fingers on both ends. Then stir it back and forth, back and forth, as if you were kneading a small ball of dough.

You can pamper yourself with a massage in the institute of such a special treatment for a flat stomach. Only 15 minutes per session. Its effectiveness is associated with an invigorating and highly directed mechanical massage. The ideal is to do 10 to 12 sessions over a period of about two months in order to get a real result. But after six massages, skin feels smoother and firmer. But no miracles! The protocol must be accompanied by real efforts in terms of food. LPG ® abdominal degassing treatment, €30 per session.

One last tip: cheat by wearing trompe l'oeil tights! No one has yet invented the panty that makes you lose weight! But as long as you haven't lost enough tummy, or when you haven't lost more, you can nonetheless improve your shape thanks to the smart socks with a front bib (Lytess type), which flatten the small tummy, a strengthening area that pushes up the buttocks and drains the micro capsules ( red vine, caffeine, etc.) incorporated into the textile fibers.


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