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Flat stomach and slim buttocks: 8 very simple exercises with remarkable results

 Flat stomach and slim buttocks: 8 very simple exercises with remarkable results

Guided exercises for working from head to toe, lying under the duvet or on the phone with friends. Easy, Fun and... Paying!

slim waist

its principle. You place the handle of the kitchen broom behind your neck, at shoulder height, sitting in a chair. Put your hands well at each end, anyway as possible and move your bust to the right, then to the left, remaining straight, your head in a straight line with your back.

We won: Thanks to the slasher's action, a slimmer waist in a jiffy.

Timing: 5 to 10 minutes twice a week after vacuuming the kitchen!

stomach muscles

its principle. We breathe while lying on our quilt. In the evening before bed or in the morning when you wake up, it takes just a few minutes to inhale deeply, inflate your belly, hold your breath for a count of 10, then exhale deeply and slowly, contracting your belly. Lower abdomen.

We won: this exercise that makes it possible to move the deep muscles will be more effective than the classic abdominal muscle series!

Good timing: Repeat 4 times in a row every day.

the heart

its principle. We dance, jump, and twirl to an old beat from the 80s, gradually increasing the speed, alternating between faster and slower beats, not forgetting to breathe.

We gain: the equivalent of a good cardio session, calorie loss (100 to 200 for 30 minutes of dancing), and a more toned, muscular body.

The right timing: Once a week, or whenever you feel the need to vent out.


its principle. We walk on our heels to go brush our teeth in the bathroom, and then on our toes to go to bed. And always with your head straight and buttocks taut.

We gain: Good stretching of the calf muscles and strengthening of the extensors when walking on the heels. Then when we move to the toes, the calf muscles are strengthened and the muscles of the toes that are often shortened are tightened.

Correct timing: 6 meters out and back 3 times a week.


its principle. We bend down to store the bottles (in the cupboards on the floor), then get up several times in a row. Always keep the knees aligned with the feet and the heels on the floor when we get there, and the weight centered on the front foot. If possible, the movement is accelerated and we proceed with more or less rapid repetitions.

We gain: the undeniable curve of the thighs, but also the strengthening of the buttocks and the joints of the knees.

Suitable timing: daily in short sessions of 3 to 5 minutes.


its principle. Sit straight on the edge of the chair, release your arms along your body, then inhale, raising your arms (they should not be tensed or relaxed), and your hands above your head. We lower our arms while breathing and start over.

We gain: Strengthening the muscles that ensure the preservation of the spine.

Suitable timing: Repeat the exercise 4 times.


its principle. In addition to the Hips Thrust, you can do lunges while walking in the living room or hallway of your building. Let's go, feet in line with the hips, take a step forward, lowering the pelvis and the knee of the back leg at the same time towards the floor, keeping your back straight. We go up and take a step forward with the other leg, thus advancing 5 or 6 meters.

We win: concrete buttocks and dream thighs.

Timing: One round trip, twice a week.


its principle. We carry our shopping bags (be careful, not too heavy and well balanced), your arms are at right angles! Well, this may sound a little strange, but it's worth it because the muscle work doubles when you spread your arms. Seems to be Sharon Stone's favorite workout...

We gain: Strengthening the triceps and biceps muscles, firm and repetitive arms. The choice of weights to be used depends on the shape and athletic ability of each.

Right timing: Two racing sessions a week is good. Knowing that it is better to work for a long time, but with light loads.


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