Flat stomach: 9 foods that promote intestinal transit

 Flat stomach: 9 foods that promote intestinal transit

For a flat stomach, it is especially recommended to bet on foods rich in fiber, which promote intestinal transit. Which one is preferred? Vanessa Bejay Haddad, a nutritionist, gives her advice.

To get a flat stomach, do you exercise long sets of abs and restrict yourself to food? In addition to causing many frustrations, these habits may not bring the expected results. And for good reason: There is no miracle recipe for a flat stomach. It is simply recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

However, some foods can act as "enhancers," especially when flatulence is due to bloating. What is the origin of this phenomenon? Overproduction of gases in the intestines, which can lead to abdominal pain, flatulence, or even constipation.

Fruits, vegetables and oilseeds for flat stomach

What are the best flat stomach foods? Vanessa Bejay Haddad, a registered dietitian, specifically recommends certain fruits, certain vegetables, and some oilseeds. And for good reason: they are rich in fiber and thus promote intestinal transit while preventing faecal impaction and bowel obstruction.

Among the basic fruits, we find apples in particular. In addition to being an excellent appetite suppressant, it gently regulates intestinal transit thanks to its pectin content. On the side of vegetables we find fennel or cassava. It is also effective for a flat stomach, because it contains anethole, an organic compound that helps digestion, fights abdominal pain but also prevents “gas formation by reducing food fermentation,” the specialist explains.

The nutritionist also recommends eating oilseeds. She cites chia seeds in particular, because they are also rich in fibre, "which increases stool bulk and thus promotes intestinal transit,"

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