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Flat stomach: 5 really effective yoga poses

 Flat stomach: 5 really effective yoga poses

The abdomen is the most complex area in women. In addition to proper nutritional measures, yoga can be a great way to get rid of belly fat and get visible results quickly. You just need to know the correct positions.

Cobra Pose: To sculpt the abdominal muscles

The ideal position to empty your stomach and sculpt your stomach while strengthening your back. how to make it?

Sit on a yoga mat and lie on your stomach. Your legs should be straight, and your chin and toes should touch the ground.

Place your palm below your shoulders. Once positioned correctly, breathe in softly and lift your chest back. Try to hold this position for thirty seconds.

Then exhale and return to the lying position. Repeat this position five times in a row.

Pay attention: there is no question of forcing and even less of hurting yourself! Follow this exercise according to your abilities: they will develop with diligent practice of yoga.

Bridge position: instructions for use

Lie on your back and put your ankles under your knees. Then point your toes forward. Inhale softly and lift your hips off the floor. To help you, you can place the palms of your hands against your lower back to guide you through the movement. It is recommended to maintain this position for ten breaths.

Next, lift your heels off the floor and slowly lower your spine, while contracting your abdominal muscles. Repeat this position five times.

bow position

Lie on your stomach and put your arms at the sides of your body. Bend your knees and hold your ankles with your hands. Breathe calmly, lift your head and lean back. Gently raise your legs as far as your abilities allow. Hold for up to thirty seconds. Then gently return your body to its original position. This position must be performed five times.

Plank position: special flat stomach casing

Without a doubt, this is the most effective yoga pose for a flat stomach. It consists, as its name suggests, of doing a plank while keeping your arms straight. Your body should be like a straight line. During this exercise, you should tighten your abdominal muscles well, and maintain this position for thirty seconds. Then exhale while resting your knees on the floor. This position is repeated five times in a row.

Wind release position

Lie on your back, arms along your body. Bend your knees and gently bring them to your chest. Then your hands are placed under your thighs. Your head should be able to touch your knees. Hold for ninety seconds.

Keep breathing deeply. Then release your knees and return to the starting position. Repeat this position five times. It is recommended to perform this pose in the morning, because it stimulates your metabolism: in fact, the wind pose, in addition to drawing a flat stomach, helps to regulate the acid level of our stomach and heal constipation. .


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