Flat stomach: 10 simple and effective nutritional tips

 Flat stomach: 10 simple and effective nutritional tips

To have a flat stomach, no need to embark on a strict diet! It is simply necessary to adopt some good food reactions. We did an evaluation with nutritionist Vanessa Bejaa Haddad.

Without necessarily dreaming of the sacred "chocolate bar", would you like to have a flat stomach? To achieve this, there is no magic solution. However, good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve your goal!

The first step is to create a balanced diet. But to have a flat stomach, it is also necessary to take care of the intestinal transit. And for good reason: If you feel bloated in your belly, you may be experiencing bloating. Feeling bloated can also be due to fluid retention. There are many aspects to consider when you want to have a flat stomach.

Eat slowly, reduce salt.. Tips for a flat stomach

Bloating can cause a noticeable increase in waist circumference. To avoid them, nutritionist Vanessa Bedjay Haddad recommends, in particular, to avoid heavy and copious meals, but also to eat slowly. Pop out charcuterie, cheese, stews in sauce, fried foods, and other pastries!

If you tend to bloat, it could also be due to water retention. The first thing you do? Limit salt intake by avoiding foods that contain a lot of it, such as "cooked meals, savory crackers, olives, deli meats, diced broths, bagasse soup or even hard cheese," the dietitian points out. The trick to replacing salt and seasoning dishes? Focus on spices and herbs.

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