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Five good reasons to choose cryolipolysis

Five good reasons to choose cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is a body contouring method that sculpts a figure by freezing fat cells by applying extreme cold. Then the crystallized cells gradually release the fat which is naturally and permanently eliminated by the body.

1 - To feel better about yourself, sculpt the best version of yourself

Today, the perfect body is no longer a dream but above all does not exist. No more harmonized ideals and stereotypes, everyone wants to find their ideal body, in which they have self-confidence and feel good and happy. Cryolipolysis can reshape the silhouette by eliminating fat cells from the area where fat is stubborn, those that do not disappear with sport or diets. For men, it can be considered when the love handles are definitely installed, despite regular physical activity and good food hygiene. Coolsculpting® cryolipolysis is a real partner for starting a process of personal well-being.

2 - It is a personalized treatment that adapts to all shapes

Coolsculpting® cryolipolysis is entirely personalized and results from an initial in-depth medical interview: the doctor takes into account the objectives, needs, contraindications and history of his patient in order to offer him a personalized treatment. Desires can be completely different because, once again, no body is perfect! Some will want to reshape their figure in several different places while others will prefer to focus on just one area. With the Coolsculpting® treatment, you can reshape the upper arms, the fold of the back, the flanks, the abdomen, the under-gluteal rolls, the inner thighs, the double chin, the fold of the thigh bra ;

3- Non-surgical medical treatment that does not require hospitalization

Unlike other body sculpting methods, cryolipolysis is a non-invasive treatment 3: no anesthesia, incision, cannula or needle is required. It also does not require hospitalization or medication. After a Cryolipolysis session, you can usually resume normal activity and go home or work 4. Coolsculpting® sessions take place in a doctor's office under medical supervision and begin with the application of a

 protective film to protect your skin . Then the appropriate applicator is placed on the preselected area. After the treatment, a massage is performed on the treated area of ​​the body. The duration of a Coolsculpting® session varies according to the number of areas to be treated. The session lasts approximately 35 minutes 1.5 depending on the number of areas treated and the number of applicators per area.

4 - With CoolSculpting cryolipolysis technology, safety is the priority

When you want to take care of your figure, doing it in safe conditions is a requirement that is as natural as it is necessary. Coolsculpting® cryolipolysis sessions can only be performed by a licensed physician and are only performed in a medical office. Coolsculpting® cryolipolysis has two exclusive patents: the Cool Control1 technology which allows the treatment to be carried out at an optimal temperature and the Freeze Detect1 technology which detects the optimal cooling temperature of the skin and allows the treatment to be suspended in the event of a potential risk of freeze. detection. The results appear about three months after the session, when the body naturally gets rid of fat.

5 - Coolsculpting® is a treatment with permanent results

As we have seen, cryolipolysis attacks stubborn fat, those that have settled in over the years and which we can no longer get rid of, neither with diets nor with sport. The intense cold generated by the Coolsculpting® devices freezes fat cells in a targeted manner, without affecting neighboring cells. Thus, the cells crystallize through the cold and release fats which the body gets rid of naturally. Final process: the fat cells destroyed by the CoolSculpting® treatment are not renewed.

The average price of the application tool is 400 euros, and prices may vary depending on the practice in which the treatment is applied. It usually takes several applicators to treat the area and achieve optimal results.


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