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Feta cheese or mozzarella: Which of these cheeses has the highest calories?

 Feta cheese or mozzarella: Which of these cheeses has the highest calories?

To garnish a salad, nothing like feta or mozzarella cheese. But which of these two types of cheese do you choose when caring for your font? Nutritionist's response.

In summer, food is in harmony with freshness. So it is undeniable that it is the season of power! Quick to prepare, perfect for the line, and versatile, it allows you to have fun while taking care of yourself. But it all depends on what you put in it! Quinoa, olives, croutons, cucumbers ... The choice of foods can make a salad a very light or high-calorie dish.

This is even healthier for cheese lovers! Among the cheeses most commonly used in salads are feta and mozzarella. The first, of Greek origin, is made from goat or sheep milk. The second is of Italian origin made from cow or buffalo milk. But which of these two types of cheese do you prefer when you want to lose weight?

More calories, fat and salt in feta

Feta cheese contains 285 calories per 100 grams, while mozzarella cheese contains 227 calories per 100 grams. If this Greek cheese has more calories than its Italian cousin, is it therefore unsuitable for the line? To find out, all nutritional aspects of these products must be taken into account, such as the amount of carbohydrates, and therefore sugars, or even fats, i.e. the fats they contain.

Feta cheese contains more fat and more refined saturated fatty acids than mozzarella cheese. The problem: SFAs are bad fats that tend to increase cholesterol levels and harm the cardiovascular system. But that's not all: feta is saltier than mozzarella, which is an important criterion when monitoring your weight and wanting to avoid cellulite and water retention.

Mozzarella and feta cheese: how to limit their impact on the line?

Therefore, feta cheese is not only more calories, but also contains more fat and salt than mozzarella cheese. Watching your line, it is advisable to prefer this Italian cheese with feta. But beware: in order for mozzarella to remain an ally of the line, it must be eaten by following some rules. Therefore the following is recommended:

Do not overdo the quantities, and limit yourself to half a ball of mozzarella;

Do not mix mozzarella cheese with other cheeses;

Choose the right seasoning. If you put olive oil, which is good for health but contains calories, it is recommended to measure the amount you add, no more than a tablespoon per person and per dish.

Be sure to draw a final line with Alfeta! It is quite possible to take it from time to time if you do not abuse it. And for good reason: when you want to take care of your streak, it is also necessary to take care of your health and not forget about the idea of ​​fun!


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