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Fat loss, energy, thermogenesis and nervous system stimulants used for sporting purposes

 Fat loss, energy, thermogenesis and nervous system stimulants used for sporting purposes

Let's start by telling you that fat burners and appetite suppressants are among the best-selling nutritional supplements in the world. This should not surprise you because weight loss as well as health and wellness products are of interest to many more people than simple athletes and even more so than those who do endurance sports.

Statistically speaking, a large number of women (but more and more men as well) strive to lose weight by dieting several times in their lives. At the same time, the global sports nutrition market is ridiculously small, despite its development and diversity recently. However, an increasing number of people who follow a slimming diet are also exercising. From there, those people who follow a controlled diet, 'dieters' if we use a term from English, will also tend to eat healthier and use meal replacements, appetite suppressants or fat burners.

What is the benefit of burning fat? Can we take them to lose weight without doing anything?

To be honest, dieters, both men and women, use fat burners to lose weight and more specifically to reduce excess body fat, without the need for exercise.

On the other hand, bodybuilders take them to improve their muscle definition, whether they are preparing for competitions or not. Note also that we've been talking about drought for a few years. Let's also assume that these two types of users have little in common. The second group, however, had more advanced control over their diet and the effect of the sport they exercised on their physique and weight. A third category of people uses these supplements to stimulate the nervous system in sports, or even endurance ...

Thermogenesis is a metabolic principle that slightly increases calorie expenditure

We should also add that the principles on which most fat burners are based are the same, regardless of the type of user. They obviously contain nervous system stimulants and caffeine in particular. As you know, these stimulants activate one of the most important processes in the human body, thermogenesis. Of course, man is a type whose temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. To get and maintain this temperature, proteins (known as separation proteins) convert a portion of the calories that could be used to maintain 37°C.

A bit complicated process to explain here, let's just say that caffeine slightly speeds up this cellular mechanism so that the body temperature rises slightly. In this way, the calorie consumption is slightly higher but over the course of several hours, this slight additional expenditure of calories is significant. Since thermogenesis has been explained in detail hundreds of times, the idea that you can lose weight without doing anything has been widely popularized. But is this really possible or not?

Fat burners accelerate calorie oxidation during exercise

In fact, thinking that you can lose weight without making any effort or without exercising is completely delusional. If basic metabolism (daily caloric expenditure excluding athletic activity) accounts for a significant portion of calorie expenditure, the only true way to increase calorie oxidation is through exercise, weight training, or endurance. In fact, serious clinical studies have shown that resistance sports such as bodybuilding or strength sports lead to calorie expenditure. Just like doing any endurance sport. In fact, an intense strength training session may increase your calorie consumption.

In this way, the fat burner can be used before exercise in order to increase the oxidation of calories. Naturally, this is one of the best ways to use a fat burner when you want to lose weight.

Lose weight with a fat burner while doing physical activity

As you understand, the principle of thermogenesis will be more effective when playing sports. However, this process is not the only one involved because stimulants cause a higher secretion of adrenaline. This speeds up the metabolism and increases the recruitment of fats for energy purposes. This is because caffeine allows more fat to be used during exercise while providing carbohydrates. By exercising and taking a fat burner that contains stimulants, you will eventually be mobilizing more fat for energy.

Thus, you will achieve your goal of losing weight more easily under these conditions, no matter what sport you do. Bodybuilders are well aware of this principle when they are in the cutting phase and want to improve the definition of their muscles. In addition, bodybuilders control their diet and physical activity much more than the average person looking to lose weight.

In that case, what lesson can we learn from bodybuilders in terms of dieting to lose weight?

Bodybuilders have mastered losing body fat because they know their calories and nutrients from the inside out.

What bodybuilders know very well is that maintaining their lean muscle mass largely depends on the intake of dietary protein. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and physical strength. On the other hand, people who try to lose weight often tend to forget that they are eating too little, that they are cutting calories too quickly, and that they are unaware of the amount of calories and protein they are eating while they are eating. Low calorie diet.

Obviously, knowing the perfect balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids in normal times is not necessarily obvious to normal people. But when it comes to cutting calories and maintaining a healthy balance of these macronutrients, it's especially challenging for those who lose weight and exercise occasionally. In fact, excessive protein reduction also explains why the slimming regimen does not work well with dieters.

Then losing weight leads to muscle loss and thus the inability to burn more calories. Since muscle is the only way to significantly increase calorie oxidation, weight loss slows down and stops.

At this point, other mechanisms will also start to slow down your metabolism and slow weight loss, leaving you vulnerable to failure. You will then realize that proteins are essential to the success of a controlled diet in order to maintain your mobility and your muscles.

This also explains why high-protein diets work, in part because your body can't keep eating carbohydrates for very long. From there, we advise you to simply approach a competent person who can seriously supervise your diet and physical activity. Avoid following the diets recommended by summer magazines because their editors do not have serious knowledge of nutrition. If you don't know how to go about your slimming diet, get guidance from a nutritionist or... a long-experienced bodybuilder!


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