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Fat burner: What are the best weight loss ingredients?

 Fat burner: What are the best weight loss ingredients?

When you want to improve your body, you want to lose weight like magic. What foods should be used to facilitate weight loss? Are they miracles? the answers.

Diet is the key to losing weight, along with regular physical activity. To do this, we rebalance our diet and focus on certain foods called "fat burners". what are they ? What eating habits should you avoid to feel better about your body and see the numbers go down the scale?

"Some foods increase the metabolism and thus stimulate the melting of fats", confirms Mala Le Burgin, a registered dietitian. The specialist cites algae as containing many nutrients, including iodine, which stimulates the thyroid gland. This gland plays an important role in the absorption of fats in the body. "Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent ally: a tablespoon with a glass of water before each meal is a good helper for proper fat absorption," she advises.

Consuming coconut oil is also a good idea because it contains triglycerides that can activate the metabolism.” Maëla Le Borgne also recommends legumes, whole grains and cinnamon as well, a very beneficial spice that has an impact on blood sugar management.

Miracle food does not exist

"Drinking water also helps with weight loss. Consuming 2 liters of water per day outside of meals allows you to lose an average of 2 kilograms more than someone who drinks a little and follows a balanced diet in the same way," explains the nutritionist, who recommends eating Green tea or coffee are two powerful drinks to stimulate weight loss. The expert adds: “For good digestion, you also have to chew well and take your time.”

The miracle food that makes you lose a kilo from every bite does not exist! That's why we should pay attention to what's on the plate: we prefer raw products and avoid ready-made and processed meals, as well as sugar, rice and pasta without wholemeal or semi-wholemeal.

"You also need to do half an hour of daily physical exercise and not stay sedentary. A daily walk is enough!" , explains the nutritionist. The ideal cardio sessions are intense, short sessions, for body fatigue, which will rely on sugars and fats to stay active: ideal for effective weight loss.


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