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Energy Balls: A super quick snack to suppress appetite

 Energy Balls: A super quick snack to suppress appetite

Much better than crackers that are too greasy, too sweet and full of toppings, energy balls are very popular today among snacks and math. Based on dried fruits and seeds, these delicious energy balls can be enjoyed without the guilt. Five reasons to make these homemade snacks.

1 / Homemade energy balls are free of additives, preservatives and colorings

Other advantages for healthy girls: By combining ingredients wisely, you can play on nutritional integrity to fill in proteins, vitamins and minerals according to your needs (snack, recovery after sports, etc.). Above all, we control the doses of sugars and fats while choosing the least harmful ones (oily for good fats, dried fruits for good sugar).

2/ Recipes are based on healthy mixed ingredients

They form a paste, which is then molded into the shape of golf balls. It is up to you to mix as you wish: Nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.), dried fruits (figs, dates, cranberries, etc.), dried foods (maca, acai, matcha, etc.), natural sugars (honey,

 mashed oilseeds, etc.) and toppings (cocoa, coconut shavings, seeds, etc.).

3/ It is suitable for everyone

Energy balls are ideal for people who eat “without” (gluten, lactose, components of animal origin, etc.) and who have been deprived of energy for a long time. With these delicious little softballs, it's a guarantee that your eating habits are respected while you recharge your batteries. Also a good idea after your step or running session to recover.

4 / It's perfect for filling 11am or 5pm snacks

...while still being nutritionally healthy. A good plan also so that our children themselves do not fill themselves with "junk" at snack time. Since there's no cooking needed, it's easy to make with them, like a chef's workshop at home!

5/ It is very easy to prepare

An easy energy ball recipe to get started. Mix 60 grams of roasted cashews, 20 grams of roasted sesame seeds, 80 grams of dried apricots, 20 grams of fluffy brown rice. Add 4 cm of fresh peeled and grated ginger, 1/2 tsp. 4-coffee spices and 2 tbsp. Honey coffee. Form 24 balls and roll them in ground cashews.


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