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Electrical stimulation: benefits, contraindications ... All you need to know about this technique of silhouette tone

 Electrical stimulation: benefits, contraindications ... All you need to know about this technique of silhouette tone

Benefits, contraindications, use, lifestyle ... How to improve your sessions, using this technique that allows you to adjust your body at home, without moving from the couch, or during a sports session. Find out all you need to know about electrical stimulation!

Electrical stimulation: how does this device work to slim down?

The term electrical stimulation refers to the microscopic stimulation of muscles without effort. Equipped with electrodes that stick to the skin, this technology sends electrical signals to the target part of the body (arms, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, etc.).

These light waves will stimulate and contract the muscles effortlessly, that is, without the brain needing to send information. You can therefore enjoy the benefits passively (cooking, reading, etc.), and through exercise at the gym, at home or outdoors (running, building muscle, fitness session, etc.).

A complement to the gym or fitness sessions at home

Electrical stimulation is a good complement to sports sessions. If you wear the device without it moving, the effects will necessarily be limited. Therefore, regular physical activity is recommended to notice the results on the silhouette.

Running, for example, is excellent: it allows you to do cardio exercises, strengthen the heart, stimulate blood circulation, burn as many calories as possible, while using a large number of muscles.

At home, you can benefit from electrical stimulation while performing muscle-strengthening exercises that adapt to the areas of the body you want to work on (shape your abs, shape your buttocks, slim your thighs, sculpt your arms, etc.). In the program: squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, dips ... and why not do some exercises to add a little cardio to the session. Imagine your own custom designed mini routine and combine it with an electrical stimulation supplement.

Finally, it's totally possible to enjoy the benefits of electrical stimulation while on the elliptical trainer, rowing machine or even on a walking session, whether you're at home or at the gym!

With regularity and a good general lifestyle, results can already be seen on the silhouette after one month.

To lose weight thanks to electrical stimulation, pay attention to diet and sleep quality

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is important when trying to improve your shape and proportion. Quality sleep is essential when training: you destroy muscle fibers, and you will recover and rebuild them during sleep.

Also, it is highly recommended to adapt your meals, switch to a more varied and balanced diet, and add fiber if necessary for energy expenditure. The idea is to set off a virtuous circuit, make electrical stimulation an ally in this process of well-being, regain control and lose centimeters.

Electrical Stimulation at Home: Tips for Getting Started and Seeing Results on Your Personal

The ideal is to start gradually, with nice intensity, and short programs (about ten minutes is enough at first, don't stress yourself out).

How do I know if the intensity is appropriate for my practice? The goal, when the signals are sent to the skin, is to feel the muscle contract, but without pain.

Gradually, we can then increase the intensity and duration of sessions over the course of weeks. Without looking for performance, regularity is required: plan for at least three sessions (10-40 minutes) per week, allowing you to energize effectively and lose weight if that's what you're looking for.

Negative signs that you should know before starting

This method is available to the majority of people, but some contraindications should be known. This device is not intended for people with heart disease or those with a pacemaker.

On the other hand, if a pregnant woman should not use it, after pregnancy, it is an excellent way to determine your figure as a whole. Note that, as with any physical activity, you should wait 3 months after delivery to start (re)delivery, and always consult your doctor.


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