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Eid Meals: 8 Tips for Not Gaining Gram on New Year's Eve

 Eid Meals: 8 Tips for Not Gaining Gram on New Year's Eve

To keep only the good memories of the holidays, discover the light and gourmet tips from nutritionist Marie-Laure-Andre, and enjoy yourself without fear of gaining weight.

This year, there's no doubt about falling into the holiday meal trap that forces you to diet in January. However, there is no doubt watching the dishes go by while others celebrate. Therefore, expect big meals in order to manage all the moments that lead to weight gain. Advice from Marie-Laure Andre, nutritionist and slimming and wellbeing coach*.

Have a real lunch

We often eat very little at lunch in anticipation of the evening excesses. However, when you arrive hungry to the buffet, you risk throwing yourself at a sweet aperitif. On the contrary, it is preferable to keep a classic and balanced lunch: meat or fish + vegetables + a few grains + a simple dessert such as fruit. You can also have a snack around 4 p.m., if you start to feel hungry: for example, from a blanc.

Take care of your presentations

Because "we eat first with our eyes," says our expert, and it's also important to "always eat while tasting to focus on our sensations and better determine satiety." Therefore, we diversify the appetizer with verrines, spoons, small slates ... We multiply the colors, flavors and textures on the dish thanks to seasonal vegetables. The idea is to present different small parts that give the impression of quantity and variety.

Prefer the coupe?

For appetizers, choose a glass of champagne or a glass of red wine (about 100 calories) rather than a cocktail high in alcohol and sugar (200 to 300 calories). At the table, limit yourself to a glass of wine, and then switch to plain or sparkling water during the meal.

Focus on freshness

Alternate the veggies by always serving it alongside tapenades and other fatty appetizers, sticks of very fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.), cauliflower florets, with white meat sauce/chives, and vines (shrimp/avocado/grapefruit, quinoa/tabouleh). Cucumber, feta cheese, black olives... Avoid anything flaky (small rolls with sausage, cheese...), prefer croutons with real sourdough country bread. Also prepare small skewers (scallops/slices of spicy chorizo, or Shrimp / hot pineapple or shrimp / mango / avocado.

Clear the input

Yes, of course, with seafood (oysters, lobster, prawns, crab ...): it is light and festive. On the mayonnaise side, you can slice it in half with cottage cheese, or lighten it up by mixing 200g of silken tofu (in organic stores) with a pinch of mustard, turmeric powder, and salt + 1 tablespoon of oil. Instead of smoked salmon, smoked trout with less oil is preferred. If you choose foie gras, you limit yourself to one slice (40g). You can also make a watercress salad with scallops and grapefruit, a lettuce salad, asparagus tips and raw ham...and why not mix up appetizers and appetizers to limit overcooking!

Choose poultry

Turkey, and guinea fowl, is rather "skinny" ... provided you don't eat the skin! Otherwise, you can prepare prawns, duck breast (again we avoid the skin), baked French fries (with a little seasoning, salt and a drizzle of olive oil). We prefer steamed baby potatoes, with roasted chestnut chips, and stir-fried vegetables (Romanesco cabbage, asparagus tips, etc.). Also good: tagliatelle accompanied by packets of green beans.

Fruit trick

"Generally, we're no longer thirsty for sweets, so the idea is to have fun by finishing with a sweet note, but in specific doses," says Marie-Laure-Andre. Here again, choose the freshness: an exotic fruit salad or an orange salad with seasoning + 1 or 2 petit fours (small tartlets, small eclairs ...), macaroons, birthday cake or beggars ... And if we want to stay in the tradition, the record is The freezer is always lighter than the pastry version. And of course, we can treat ourselves to a good chocolate or two that evening!

Restore balance the next day

It is necessary to "clear" the gaps! The day after the party, eat less fat: soup without starch, fresh vegetables, simple desserts (yogurt, fruits). “And above all listen to your appetite,” concludes Marie-Laure-Andre, your stomach in need of a breather.


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