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Effective bodybuilding exercises for beginners

 Effective bodybuilding exercises for beginners

Getting started in bodybuilding has never been so easy. Let's just say that many of us think we wasted years of exercising without proper technique just to get meager results. This is true because there are many bodybuilding exercises out there. Their large number is often a trap, but it is clear that the most important exercises are also those that are poorly performed by beginners.

Twenty years ago, coaches and coaches who specialized in strength sports were rather rare. Today, there are a lot of them, but the situation for athletes has not changed much. Un grand nombre de jeunes culturists continue à effectuer des exercices peu efficaces à longueur de temps, à partir de machines de plus en plus spécifiques, en oubliant trop vite que la musculation se pratique d'abord avecè des barres pour et des major e exercises.

A good start in bodybuilding requires you to do exercises that are beneficial for muscle growth

While it is true that muscles respond to the laws of biomechanics in the same way for any athlete, you will find that some exercises make you progress better than others. Only time and experience will tell, but in general, some exercises will be more beneficial than others. These exercises fall into two main categories, multi-joint exercises which involve several muscles or muscle groups and isolation exercises that work only one muscle. Both types of exercises are beneficial for muscle growth. Even some isolation exercises will be the only training options for arms or calves, for example.

If you are a complete beginner, avoid doing the exercises on your own. Most weight rooms employ qualified trainers. Approach them to benefit from real professional supervision. Now let's try to give you some tips on basic exercises to promote as part of your bodybuilding training as they are proven to be effective.

The bench press, which is the main chest training exercise

An iconic bodybuilding exercise, the bench press is a basic multi-joint exercise to train the chest muscles themselves but also almost all the muscles of the upper body. Push-ups work the chest muscles as well as the shoulders and triceps. An essential exercise to integrate into a training program, it is practiced with a bar but can also be used with dumbbells. The incline and incline variations are also very good versions of the bench press.

Take the time to master the load and movement during the two workouts, focusing on the contraction of the chest muscles. An exercise that may seem obvious, getting good results from this multi-joint exercise requires time and experience, as with any other bodybuilding move.

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Pulling and rowing on the back, exercises are often poorly performed

If young people focus excessively on bench press without really benefiting from it, back exercises are also the subject of disastrous execution among bodybuilding novices. Stretching or rowing, young practitioners gain a lot of weight by manipulating the load at an accelerating speed as if they had a train

 to catch. Annoyed, they come to you asking how you managed to get such a big and big back. The solution is simple and straightforward to apply; You just need to pull the load using the back straps. In fact, beginners perform pull-ups and load-lifting rows using the biceps while creating momentum that completely negates the positive effects of the weights being moved.

On the other hand, the back muscles pull the weight while the biceps work only to give an impetus to the movement or to hold the load back to the starting point of the pull. The lotus pulls the plates while the shoulder blades join the back muscles, which beginners never do. In fact, back exercises are some of the worst implementations of exercises for beginners in strength training.

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Develop your shoulders quickly with martial press, barbell press and lateral raise

Suppose a similar problem often arises with shoulder exercises, lateral raises, military presses, barbell presses or dumbbells. Again, beginners swing loads (often too heavy for them) without their deltoid really benefiting. Here again, delays and lost time are counted in years more than in months of training. Obviously, it is the load being lifted that will stimulate the muscle mass by imposing an unusual pressure on it and not lifting a very heavy load without stimulating the muscles.

This type of defect is more noticeable for the shoulders because the bundles of the isolated deltoids are very weak compared to other muscles. Whether it's with a shoulder press or a lateral (or forward) raise, work the deltoid with a load that really presses your shoulders and maximum capacity. Again, get help from a trainer to learn these exercises properly.

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Squatting, the golden value of developing your thighs

The squat is the reference exercise for thigh muscle development and always will be. Only Hack Squat is probably more effective but it is still a form of squat. The squat consists mainly of lowering the body with an additional load on the traps or shoulders (front squat). Here too, and like most bodybuilding exercises, the correct execution of the squat is more complicated than it seems. Start by taking a fairly light load that allows you to descend into a semi-complete squat position, stretching the body with fluids and straightening.

For complete beginners, start with a no-load squat to fully acclimatize to the fluid body movement. Squatting with a heavy and improper load will only increase the risk of back and spine injuries. Again, get help from a qualified trainer. Don't be afraid to make mistakes at first, your coach is there to help and correct you.

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Biceps and triceps isolation exercises are never done effectively

Simple exercises such as bicep curls or triceps curls with a pulley are performed very poorly by beginners. The interpretation is always the same, the athlete is handling a load that is too heavy or too fast without putting any beneficial stress on the muscles that are working. If you are just starting out, ask the trainer to show you how to do these movements correctly. The same observation can also be made for calves or abdomens for example.

In general, you cannot start bodybuilding and think that you can learn everything on your own. As we have said, strength exercises are performed quite simply and obvious but take time to master them correctly. As with any sport, you will not get fast and consistent results if you do anything. For the exercises we mentioned and for others in general, the help of a trainer is essential. Obviously, when you master the exercises, you will progress quickly and for a long time ...


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